Barbie Cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto Praises Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift has been quite busy rocking stadiums all over the United States during her big Eras Tour. But she’s also ben working on something else important – her first-ever movie as debut director.

Rodrigo Prieto, a cinematographer who got an Oscar nomination and worked on movies like Barbie and Killers of the Flower Moon, collaborated with Swift on her music videos for The Man, Willow, and Cardigan praises the singer. In an interview with TheWrap, he mentioned that been talking with the Grammy-winning artist about her movie. He’s not sure if he’ll be the cinematographer for it, but he’s absolutely sure that Swift is an amazing director.

“I know about this project. I don’t know what the status is right now because I’ve been on my movie, but we have talked about it and I don’t know if I’ll end up doing it or someone else [will], but I think she’s great.”

He continued, “Obviously she’s quite an artist, but she’s also an excellent director. I must say the stuff I’ve done with her, the music videos, she’s been extraordinary. Someone who didn’t grow up as a director – she’s a musician and a singer and wonderful at that – to see that she understands cinema and understands storytelling, she understands how to tell the story with a camera and she’s great with the technical aspects as well. She’s another person I admire very much, so if I had the opportunity to work with her I’d be thrilled.”

There has been no official word on when Taylor Swift’s film will be released, but she is slated to direct from an original script she created, and the project is set up at Searchlight Pictures.



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