Jodie Sweetin ‘Disappointed’ As Her New Movie Sold to Former Co-Star’s Network


Jodie Sweetin is upset that her film, Craft Me a Romance, was sold to Candace Cameron Bure’s network, Great American Family (GAF), which has been criticised for its lack of inclusion and conventional marital storyline.

Following Sweetin’s role as Stephanie Tanner in the original sitcom, she made a comeback in the 2016 sequel series, Fuller House. Since then, she’s been in several TV movies for the Hallmark Channel, like Finding Santa and A Cozy Christmas Inn. Bure, recognized for her Hallmark work, started making content for the Great American Family channel in 2022. However, her remarks on traditional marriage stirred up some controversy.

Jodie Sweetin conveyed her disappointment while speaking to People, regarding her recent project, being acquired by GAF. The actress revealed that she was unaware of this decision and expressed her support for the LGBTQ+ community.

“Sometimes, we, as actors, don’t have control over which network buys the projects we are in, nor are we a part of the process in which they get sold. So I was very surprised to learn by reading about it in the press yesterday that the independent film I worked on over a year ago was sold to Great American Family. I am disappointed, but in keeping with my mission of supporting the LGBTQ+ family, any potential or future money made from this sale will be donated to LGBTQ+ organizations.”

Craft Me a Romance, which follows Sweetin’s character, an art store owner facing closure, is set to release in September.



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