Hero Fiennes Tiffin to star in Prime Video’s Young Sherlock Series

young sherlock series

Guy Ritchie is set to direct all eight episodes of Prime Video’s Young Sherlock series, with Hero Fiennes Tiffin starring as Sherlock Holmes.

Deadline reports that the series is not a reboot or continuation of the 1985 film Young Sherlock Holmes, which was directed by Barry Levinson, and produce by Steven Spielberg. The project is an adaptation, based on the Young Sherlock Holmes novels written by Andrew Lane. Lane’s series, which began in 2010, was influenced by the success of Charlie Higson’s Young James Bond books.

Ritchie, previously brought Sherlock Holmes to life on the big screen with Robert Downey Jr. in the 2009 film Sherlock Holmes and its 2011 sequel, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. This eight-episode series marks his return to the world of the iconic detective.

Ritchie says about the Young Sherlock series, “In Young Sherlock we’re going to see an exhilarating new version of the detective everyone thinks they know in a way they’ve never imagined before. We’re going to crack open this enigmatic character, find out what makes him tick, and learn how he becomes the genius we all love.“

Written and executive produced by showrunner Matthew Parkhill, the new series is a fresh take on Sherlock Holmes. A young and rebellious 19-year-old Sherlock faces trouble at Oxford but uses his brains to crack a big case, setting him on the path to detective fame.



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