Ted Lasso Star Dismisses Any Spinoff Possibilities

ted lasso

Hannah Waddingham implies that she might not consider reprising her role as Rebecca without Ted, potentially excluding her from any Ted Lasso spinoff projects.

The fate of the Emmy-winning series remains uncertain, with several months having passed since the conclusion of Ted Lasso Season 3. Despite occasional hints from cast members, there has been no official announcement regarding a renewal.

In a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Waddingham discussed the potential of returning as Rebecca in potential Ted Lasso spinoff and reiterated her stance that Jason Sudeikis would need to return as Ted in some capacity for her to consider it.

“Everyone keeps asking this, but no, there’s been no word of a spinoff at all, and I have made it quite clear that unless Ted was in it… I can’t imagine really a world where Rebecca exists without Ted because they are each other’s inspiration.”

While Sudeikis mentioned uncertainty about the possibility of Ted Lasso Season 4, saying, “If I knew, I wouldn’t tell you.”

Ted Lasso is streaming on Apple TV+.



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