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Step into the glittering world of Barbie, where the magic of cinema comes to life! We’ve handpicked 9 of the best moments from Greta Gerwig‘s latest masterpiece the Barbie movie. Gerwig’s Barbie is making a huge splash in the entertainment world, with rave reviews and a record-breaking $500 million worldwide box office in its first week. Even though it’s PG-13, Gerwig’s film is like a candy corn for all tastes, with a mix of satire, comedy, drama, and real-life emotions. All 9 of Barbie’s best scenes show off Gerwig’s attention to detail, making it a must-see.

When I sat down to watch Barbie premiere, all I could think about was how long it had been since we had such a fun, theatrical atmosphere like this. It was like a little escape from the tough times of 2020 and 2021, and it felt like such a special treat. I was really hoping to see the audience all dressed up in their most amazing pink Barbie costumes, and I didn’t have to wait too long. IMDb gave Barbie a solid 7.4/10 rating, which means it’s good, but it’s not perfect. But in this world of bright pink dreams, perfect is just around the corner. With that being said, let’s dive into 9 of the best moments from the Barbie movie.

The Opening Song

The Opening Song is one of the Best Moments From The Barbie Movie

After a quick look at the history of Barbie and how it’s been used to talk about feminism and equality (at least in Barbieland), the movie opens with Margot Robbie’s beloved Barbie waking up in Barbieland, all to the beat of Lizzo‘s “Pink”. The lyrics and scene fit together perfectly, taking us into Barbieland’s luxurious world.

Plus, the trailer’s viral foot scene is added to the opening sequence, giving it an extra layer of drama with Lizzo’s powerful voice. All in all, this sequence is a masterful way to bring us into the world and the Barbieland extravagance, taking us deeper into this rose-tinted world.

Thinking About Death


At the party, all the Barbies are talking about how great their day was and how beautiful they feel, but Stereotyped Barbie throws in an unexpected existential question – Do you guys ever think about dying? Everyone stops in their tracks as she asks this loaded question, but then she quickly recovers and tells everyone that she’s just dying to dance.

It’s a really important moment in the movie, and it’s the one that sets the tone for the rest of the story. Barbie goes on a journey to find out what’s wrong with Barbieland, and it’s a sign that there’s more to her than meets the eye. Even though she’s a doll, she’s still human, and her journey will eventually lead her to some really big changes.

Rollerblading Scene

Rollerblading Scene is one of the Best Moments From The Barbie Movie

People have been talking about a Barbie movie for a while now, but it wasn’t until June 2022 that it really took off. Margot and Ryan went viral when they were seen rollerblading together in neon colors in Venice Beach. It’s no surprise that Barbie is at the top of people’s list of most-anticipated movies, but there’s a bit of a story behind this iconic scene. Greta said that the viral pics made both stars realize how much they had to learn about the process, and Margot even said it was the “most humiliating moment of my life.”

This scene is definitely one of the best in Barbie’s history. It’s the first time Barbie and Ken go out on a rollercoaster and interact with people. It’s not just the outfits they wear that make it stand out, it’s the way they handle the attention they get.

Ken is overjoyed that people are noticing him and he’s enjoying the attention. Barbie, on the other hand, has a different reaction – she’s feeling anxious and there’s a hint of violence in it. It’s a really powerful message that the audience can pick up on and it’s a reminder of what women have to deal with when they’re looked down on. Greta does a great job of making the roller-blading scene not just look cool, but it’s also a really honest look at how society works and how it affects women.

Barbie’s First Tear

Barbie's First Tear is one of the Best Moments From The Barbie Movie

Barbie’s first time out in the real world, she’s on a mission to find the girl who has her doll. But when she gets there, she’s at a bit of a loss and doesn’t know where to start. She sits down on a bench to think and figure out what to do, while Ken goes off alone. That’s when Barbie does something really special – she closes her eyes and takes in the world around her, feeling all the emotions and memories of the girl who loves her doll. It’s a really powerful moment in the movie, and it’s a testament to how Barbie has grown from a plastic figure to a character with real, deep, and relatable human emotions. Her eyes start to tear up, and she says, “it felt achy but good.”

“Barbie, you fascist.”

Best Moments From The Barbie Movie

It’s been a while since Barbie dolls have been in the spotlight, but that’s because of the unrealistic standards they used to represent. So when news broke that a Barbie movie was coming out, people were worried about what kind of ideas it would teach younger generations. But it turns out that this skepticism and criticism for Barbie dolls, especially the stereotyped Barbie, is actually a bit of a metaphor. In the movie, we get to see Barbie trying to connect with a little girl who loves her doll, and she comes to Sasha with the hope that she can bring some joy to her life.

Sasha, on the other hand, doesn’t hold back. She gives a heartfelt speech about how Barbie could be seen as a regressive figure in the feminist movement in the past. When she calls Barbie a “fascist,” it’s a heartbreaking moment for her. This scene is one of the best in the movie, because it addresses the criticism and arguments against Barbie directly. Greta does a great job of weaving these thought-provoking conversations throughout the movie, really getting into the nitty-gritty.

Dude with No Power

Best Moments From The Barbie Movie

There are some critics who think Barbie is too feminine, or that it’s anti-masculine, but most people love it because it’s a really balanced look at patriarchy. It’s really cool how it shows the difference between the Barbieland version of the world and the real one. What sets it apart is that it doesn’t use preachy messages to talk about patriarchy, but instead uses humor and emotion to bring it all together.

Take the scene where Mattel’s CEO, played by Will Ferrell, meets up with his team of male execs for the first time with Barbie. Barbie asks if there are any female executives at the company, but the execs tell her there aren’t. That’s when Aaron Dinkins (played by regular Mattel employee Connor Swindells) drops a line that’s got a bit of edgy humor mixed in with a serious message. He says, “I’m a man with no power. Does that make me a woman?” This short but powerful moment really gets the message across with sharp humor, giving us a unique and eye-opening look.

Ruth and Barbie

Best Moments From The Barbie Movie

It’s hard to imagine anyone watching Barbie with the intent of learning about the doll’s history or Mattel – the company that made the toy – but the movie pays tribute to its maker, Ruth Handler (Rhea Perlman), who was one of the founders of Mattel. The movie tells the story of her life, from her brushes with the IRS to her brushes with tax evasion.

Ruth Handler pops up during a wild chase scene where Barbie is trying to get away from Mattel’s boss and his crew. She ends up in a strange room where she gets a cup of tea from the real-life Ruth. This is when Barbie starts to talk about her feelings of disconnection from the real world, and Ruth gives her a piece of advice: it’s the small things that make life so beautiful, and it’s okay to give up sometimes.

Depressed Barbie Ad

When Barbie and her friends (played by America Ferrera) come back to Barbieland, they’re shocked to find that Ken has taken over the place and changed it into a place called “Kenland”. To their shock, all the Barbies have been corrupted by these patriarchal Kens, and Stereotyped Barbie is feeling down because she’s gotten used to feeling human emotions while she’s been out in the world. After this shocking scene, the movie takes a lighthearted turn with an ad for ‘Depressed Barbie’. This ad shows a depressed Barbie who spends all day scrolling through Instagram, spending seven hours a day on it, watching Pride and Punjudice on the BBC, and dealing with a bunch of different conditions like OCD and anxiety – it’s a hilarious take on modern life and how it affects people.

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Gloria’s Monologue

Best Moments From The Barbie Movie

In Barbie, America Ferrera is the star of the show and her performance is so powerful that it carries the whole movie. Her monologue is so much more than just a speech about feminism, it’s a deep exploration of what it means to be a woman. It’s not just a dialogue, it’s a soliloquy. Ferrera leaves an indelible impression on the audience with this dialogue and encourages them to think about the complicated and various path of womanhood.


Wrapping it up!

This movie has been really well-received because it stands up against the traditional gender roles and has a really strong feminist message. It’s got an amazing cast with Will Ferrell and Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling and Simu Liu and America Ferrera and Kate McKinnon and so many other amazing actors. Barbie is a really thought-out and really touching story about finding yourself and being okay with who you are. It’s a reminder that our imperfections are part of who we are and it’s totally okay to accept them as we go through life’s amazing journey.



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