Shadow and Bone Author ‘Heartbroken’ by Netflix Cancellation

shadow and bone

Expressing her disappointment over the recent cancellation of Shadow and Bone on Netflix, author Leigh Bardugo reveals that the intended spinoff for Six of Crows has also been scrapped.

Bardugo shared in Instagram post, “The news hit me hard. I’m heartbroken and deeply disappointed, but I’m also trying to hold onto my very real gratitude.”

“The Grishaverse is a better place because of you and I am so thankful for every tweet, post, comment, review, artwork, fic, tattoo, and cosplay that helped to make all of this possible,” Bardugo said. “We’re book people and that means we never stop imagining that magic can be made real. You are proof of that. Now, I’m going to go have a cry, and maybe a drink, and then see where the story takes us next.”

Netflix canceled Shadow and Bone after 2 seasons which received praise from fans and critics alike. Additionally, the streamer has canceled Glamorous after one season, along with three freshman animated series: Agent Elvis, Farzar and Captain Fall.



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