Loki Directors Discusses Impressive VFX in Season 2 Finale


Loki Season 2 directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead talks about the VFX work and acting performances in the final episode.

Loki Season 2 has wrapped up in a really satisfying and unexpected way. Tom Hiddleston‘s character, Loki, discovers and embraces his “glorious purpose,” saving the multiverse and becoming the God of Stories. Although threats still linger in the MCU, Loki has prevented the multiverse from being destroyed, showcasing years of character growth.

The creators of Loki faced the big challenge of making the destruction of the Temporal Loom feel impactful. Thanks to Hiddleston’s emotional acting, impressive visual effects, solid direction, and a great score by composer Natalie Holt, the finale was able to carry the weight it needed to.

In a conversation with ScreenRant, Benson credits visual effects supervisor Chris Townsend as the true MVP. “There were so many meetings where we’re telling him what we’re thinking and what we all want, and it was like he was psychic. I don’t know how he was taking all of our fractured information and then synthesizing it into something, and then somehow communicating that to a bunch of amazing artists who did this amazing, amazing sequence.”

While Moorhead said they wanted to honor Hiddleston’s performance. “One thing you’ll actually probably notice in this sequence is — and this is us just trying to honor Tom’s performance so much — the camera, it does get away from him a little bit, but the camera very rarely gets more than a few feet away from him. It’s always, like, right in front of him, right behind him. It’s very experiential to Tom — and, of course, our ensemble — but there’s only a few shots that would be called pure wide shots, meaning it has no point of view, it has nobody with the camera.”

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