Doctor Who: Ncuti Gatwa Might Be ‘Song-and-Danciest’ Doctor

doctor who ncuti gatwa

Sex Education star Ncuti Gatwa becomes the Fifteen Doctor in Doctor Who‘s 60th Anniversary Special, he might be the “song-and-danciest” Doctor yet.

As The Giggle, available for streaming on Disney+, ended, Fourteen (David Tennant) encouraged Donna and Mel to simultaneously tug at both his arms. Instead of undergoing the traditional regeneration process, the Doctor opted for a unique “bi-generation,” introducing Gatwa’s Fifteen. This unconventional choice allowed Fourteen to “retire” and experience a normal life.

Gatwa shares with TVLine that Russell T. Davies, who resumed the role of showrunner for the three anniversary specials, is determined to steer Doctor Who into a new era.

Sneak peeks for special episode, The Church on Ruby Road showcase Fifteen dancing and suggest an upcoming musical performance. Gatwa says he poised to become the “song-and-danciest” Doctor yet, “I reckon I might be!”

The new Doctor Who Christmas special is set to premiere on 25 December, which introduces Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday, his Doctor’s companion. He says, “They are definitely troublemakers, flirty and quite cheeky. They also see the pain in one another, and want to heal that in one another.”



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