Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor Who Will Set Off New Phase For TV Show

doctor who ncuti gatwa

Russell T. Davies reveals that Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor Who first season will be referred to as season 1, kicking off a new era.

The showrunner of Doctor Who, T. Davies confirmed to SFX Magazine, that upcoming season will be designated as “season one” instead of being considered the 14th season of the revived series. This decision marks the beginning of an unexpected and entirely new era for the enduring sci-fi show.

“Because people are beginning to ask ‘Why is there no Disney push behind this? That’s coming in [Redacted]. Ooh, we’re not supposed to say [Redacted], are we?’ Next year, season one. Yes, we’re calling it season one.”

Gatwa, known for his role in Sex Education, will take on the role of the Doctor after the 60th-anniversary celebrations featuring David Tennant. The debut of Gatwa’s Doctor is scheduled to take place in a special episode airing in December 2023. In this episode, viewers will be introduced to his Fifteenth Doctor character and his first companion, played by Millie Gibson, named Ruby Sunday.

Doctor Who 60th-anniversary will be available on Disney+ from November 25.



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