New Doctor Who Trailer for 60th Anniversary Specials Released: What Fans Can Expect

Doctor Who's 60th Anniversary Specials

The Whovians’ wait is finally over as the BBC has gifted them an early treat ahead of Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary celebrations. Just before the first live show of Strictly Come Dancing 2023, fans were transported into the TARDIS with an exclusive new trailer that unveiled tantalizing details about what’s in store when Doctor Who returns this November. From the revelation of Neil Patrick Harris as the Toymaker to the return of beloved characters, this trailer has left fans buzzing with excitement.

So without a further ado, let’s delve deeper into what the new Doctor Who trailer reveals, the significance of the 60th anniversary, and the impact it’s set to make in the world of sci-fi television.

The Return of the Toymaker

One of the most thrilling revelations in the new Doctor Who trailer is the return of the enigmatic Toymaker. Neil Patrick Harris, known for his versatile acting, waltzes onto the scene in a role that promises to be both mesmerizing and menacing. The Toymaker, one of the most powerful villains last seen in 1966, is making a comeback to challenge the Doctor once again. The trailer leaves us with tantalizing questions: What is the reason behind the Doctor’s face-to-face encounter with this enemy from the past? How will the Toymaker’s return impact the Doctor’s journey?

Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Specials

The Fourteenth Doctor’s Return

For long-time fans of Doctor Who, the return of David Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor is a cause for celebration. Good Omens and Ahsoka star previously played the Tenth Doctor, is back in the TARDIS for the 60th-anniversary specials. His portrayal of the Doctor has left an indelible mark on the series, and his return is a testament to the enduring popularity of this iconic character. With Tennant’s charismatic and beloved Doctor at the helm once again, fans can expect a trip through time and space that is both nostalgic and exhilarating.

The Resurgence of UNIT

Another exciting development in the trailer is the resurgence of UNIT (Unified Intelligence Taskforce), a stalwart ally of the Doctor in the fight against extraterrestrial threats. Jemma Redgrave reprises her iconic role as Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, the leader of UNIT. This suggests that UNIT will play a pivotal role in the upcoming storyline, adding an element of military strategy and intrigue to the series. Fans of the classic Doctor Who era will remember UNIT fondly, and its return is sure to evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Specials

Russell T Davies’ Tease

Showrunner Russell T Davies tantalizingly teases, “This is just the start, as the fever starts to burn. We’re heading for a November full of Doctor Who surprises, for fans and new viewers alike. Stay alert!” With this statement, he sets the stage for an unforgettable November full of Doctor Who surprises. Whether you’re a long-time Whovian or a newcomer to the series, Davies promises that there will be something special in store for everyone. His words have ignited the curiosity of fans, leaving them eager to uncover the secrets and surprises that lie ahead.

The Fifteenth Doctor and Beyond

While the return of David Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor is a highlight of the 60th-anniversary specials, there’s more excitement on the horizon. Sex Education star Ncuti Gatwa is set to make his debut as the Fifteenth Doctor, and fans can expect his first episode to air during the festive period. This transition marks a significant moment in Doctor Who history, as the legacy of the Doctor continues to evolve.

Broadcasting Details

Doctor Who loyalists in the UK and Ireland will be pleased to know that the series will premiere exclusively on the BBC. However, for fans outside of these regions, Disney+ will be the exclusive home for new seasons of Doctor Who. This global reach ensures that Whovians from all corners of the world can join in the excitement of the 60th-anniversary celebrations.

The release of the new Doctor Who trailer for the 60th Anniversary Specials has ignited a wave of anticipation among fans. With David Tennant’s return, the enigmatic Toymaker’s resurgence, and the promise of surprises, Doctor Who‘s 60th anniversary promises to be a momentous occasion for both devoted Whovians and newcomers alike.

Watch the trailer below.


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