Ncuti Gatwa Accidentally Spoiled His Doctor Who Casting to Matt Smith


Sex Education star Ncuti Gatwa mistakenly revealed his Doctor Who casting to one of his predecessors, Matt Smith, months before it was made public.

According to Rolling Stone, Gatwa inadvertently revealed the information to the Tenth Doctor, Matt Smith, during a party. Smith would only understand the meaning of Gatwa’s cryptic “I’m following in your footsteps!” months later, in May 2022, when he was formally proclaimed as the next Doctor.

Gatwa was said to have been concealing the secret since February 2022. “It’s been emotional, it’s been emotional,” Gatwa stated following the unveiling of Doctor Who. “I was just saying, I woke up crying, and then I started dancing… I’m glad that it’s finally out, and I don’t have to keep it secret anymore, ’cause I’m terrible.”

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Fans have been quick to observe a similar sense of style in the new Doctor, reminiscent of Gatwa’s charismatic portrayal in Sex Education. The Doctor’s embrace of a ’60s fashion aesthetic marks a departure from the customary attire associated with the character, and Gatwa has explicitly mentioned that his afro hairstyle was a deliberate decision, particularly as he is the first Black man to get the role.

“I’m very nervous. I have a lot of sleepless nights where I lie awake feeling my heartbeat,” he said. “I’m the first Black man to play this character. The British press can be very mean.”

In November, Doctor Who will be available to stream on Disney+.



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