Evan Ellingson, CSI: Miami and 24 Actor, Dead at 35


Former child actor Evan Ellingson, known for his roles in popular TV series like CSI: Miami and 24, passed away at the age of 35. The sad news was confirmed by his father, Michael, to TMZ. Evan was discovered dead in a sober living facility located in San Bernardino County, California. While the exact cause of his death remains uncertain, no signs of foul play have been detected.

Evan Ellingson had faced challenges related to substance abuse in the past, and at the time of his passing, he was residing in the sober living facility as part of his recovery journey. Despite stepping away from the entertainment industry in 2010, he made a significant impact during his acting career.

In the hit series CSI: Miami, he portrayed Kyle Harmon, the son of David Caruso’s Lt. Horatio Caine and Julia Winston. His character, Kyle, made his debut in the Season 6 premiere and continued to be a part of the show for a total of 18 episodes.

Evan also played the role of Josh Bauer in Season 6 of the action-packed series 24. As the nephew of the iconic character Jack Bauer, he became embroiled in the season’s complex family drama. His character managed to survive his grandfather’s sinister plans, appearing in a total of 10 episodes.

Beyond these notable roles, Evan Ellingson’s television credits included a starring role in ABC’s 2004 sitcom “Complete Savages” and portraying the 10-year-old version of the titular character in 2001’s “Titus.” He also made appearances in shows such as “Bones,” “Mad TV,” “State of Mind,” and “General Hospital.

On the big screen, Evan starred as Cameron Diaz’s teenage son in the 2009 film “My Sister’s Keeper.” His work in both TV and film left a mark on audiences, and his passing is a loss to the entertainment world.


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