ABC Hires Scab Writers for ‘General Hospital’ While Actual Writers On Strike

general hospital

General Hospital, ABC’s longest-running soap opera, is relying on scab writers to keep the series running while the Writers Guild of America goes on strike.

Shannon Peace, one of the series’ writers, announced on Instagram and penned down, “Starting next week, the show will be penned exclusively by scab writers, which is heartbreaking.”

According to Peace, the network has used all of the scripts produced before the strike began and has now hired non-union writers to keep the show broadcasting. People who cross picket lines to conduct strike work are usually mocked, but Peace said that the current scenario is exceptional for soap operas.

Actors in soap operas have a distinct status within SAG-AFTRA, as they operate under a separate contract called the Netcode. This contract covers various shows like reality, game shows, news programs, and non-primetime content, including soap operas. Unlike other contracts, the Netcode agreement will not be renegotiated until July 2024. This means actors under the Netcode contract can continue working on Netcode-related projects without violating any picket lines.

Peace expressed her concern about witnessing General Hospital writers room’s characters and storylines being taken over by others. Despite this, she encouraged fans to continue supporting the show while also showing their support for the writers on strike



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