Jake Johnson Predicts Minx Will Get Canceled Again

jake-johnson minx

Jake Johnson predicts that Minx is on the verge of cancellation once more, and this time, it might not get renew.

The actor, who doubles as a co-executive producer for the show, shared with Deadline that the prospects of a third season for Minx are dim. The series faced previous challenges as it was initially canceled by Max after completing production on Season 2. Subsequently, Starz picked up and aired that season. However, it seems that the 1970s-themed comedy, focusing on a women’s adult magazine, might not continue further.

“I think the move to Starz, I think HBO kind of doing their HBO thing, or HBO Max, whatever it’s called now, I think that was brutal for [the show],” Johnson said. “Then, I think the strike coming out right as we were trying to promote it…My guess is you can’t beat something up that many times and keep going.”

Johnson expressed his disappointment, describing the situation as “unfortunate” because “there was a lot to that show.”

“I really loved the cast and the crew and the writers. It was a great group, but I don’t know,” Johnson added. “But by evidence of me cutting my hair short, I don’t [expect a renewal].”

You can stream Minx both seasons on Starz.



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