Doctor Who: The Giggle (Review)

Doctor Who The Giggle review

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Russell T Davies, the mastermind behind the revival of Doctor Who, brings back the Tenth Doctor, played by the ever-charismatic David Tennant. Naysayers may have raised an eyebrow at the reprisal, but Davies proves it to be a stroke of genius, injecting new shades into Tennant’s portrayal and giving us a Doctor who’s seen aeons and been through the wringer.

The episode centers around a sinister enemy, the Toymaker, portrayed by the delightful Neil Patrick Harris. With a malicious glee that only Harris can deliver, the Toymaker unleashes a giggle heard across the planet, turning everyone into fervent believers of their own infallibility. It’s a timely commentary on the power of media and its influence on society, and Davies doesn’t shy away from making some pointed statements about our world.

Catherine Tate returns as Donna Noble, and her performance is nothing short of fantastic. Tate’s Donna has aged like a fine wine, growing warmer, wiser, and more determined. Her chemistry with Tennant remains undeniable, and their dynamic is the beating heart of the episode.

The Giggle doesn’t shy away from bold choices, including the regeneration of the Fourteenth Doctor into Ncuti Gatwa‘s Fifteenth incarnation. Gatwa makes an immediate and winning impression, bringing charisma, humor, and a touch of unpredictable danger to the role. The torch has been passed, and we’re left eagerly anticipating the adventures that lie ahead with the new Doctor.

The episode takes us on a wild ride across time and space, from Soho in 1925 to a massive new UNIT headquarters that exudes Avengers Tower vibes. The Giggle is quintessential Davies, with its epic scale, wild swings of tone, and big ideas. It’s a classic RTD season finale that Doctor Who fans have come to love.

While not without its flaws, such as unexplained elements and occasional spotty visual effects, The Giggle doesn’t let these minor quibbles overshadow its brilliance. After all, Doctor Who has always been a show that embraces creativity regardless of budget constraints.

In essence, The Giggle serves as a near-perfect cap to the trilogy of anniversary specials. It marks the end of an era for David Tennant and Catherine Tate while ushering in a new and exciting chapter for the series. Russell T Davies has not only given us a satisfying conclusion but also a glimpse into a future that feels genuinely unpredictable and unmissable again.


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