Former ‘Golden Bachelor’ Contestant Susan Noles Embraces Kris Jenner Comparisons

Susan Noles Kris Jenner comparisons

When it comes to how Susan Noles feels about being compared to Kris Jenner, she’s taking it all in stride. The former contestant of The Golden Bachelor recently opened up about fans pointing out her resemblance to the Kardashian matriarch, and she’s flattered by the comparisons.

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Susan expressed her admiration for Kris Jenner, saying, “I would love to have lunch with her. I’ve admired that woman for the last, I don’t know, 20 years. I’ve had this short, dark hair forever—maybe even before Kris became well-known.”

Susan isn’t new to hearing that she looks like Kris Jenner. She shared, “Everywhere I go, people [say] I remind them of her. ‘Hey, did anybody ever tell you’—before it even comes out. My cousin Donna’s so sick of hearin’ it. I’ve heard it in Italy, I was in the Bahamas, I’m in Atlantic City, I’m at the gas station. Just when people look at me, they think of her. So, I love it, it’s a compliment to me, and I would love to be able to have lunch with her and just pick her brain a little bit. I think she’s a very intelligent woman, and I admire her.”

While Susan may have left The Golden Bachelor just before hometown dates, she wasn’t surprised by her exit. She described her relationship with Gerry Turner as more of a platonic friendship than a romantic connection.

“I was expecting it,” the 66-year-old said about her departure from the show. “We were truly very, very good friends. We meant a lot to each other, and we talked to each other, and I helped him out a couple times with thoughts that he had. And he shared with me how I reminded him of his wife because I had so much empathy and strength. And I made the man laugh several times, numerous times. And we were in a friend zone.”

Susan also revealed that she’ll cherish the friendship she formed with Gerry, still holding onto the rose quartz crystal he gave her as a symbol of their connection. Additionally, she built strong bonds with her ASKN crew, and they remain inseparable friends, planning a trip to St. Martin early next year.

As Susan continues her quest for love, she emphasized that she’s still single and hopeful. Her experience on the show helped her realize that she’s a woman who doesn’t necessarily need a man in her life, but rather a woman who a man might need.

Looking ahead, Susan is optimistic about her future and is eager to find love. She’s enjoying her life, feeling happy, healthy, and available for whatever life brings her way.

The Golden Bachelor airs on ABC on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. EST.



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