AHS: Delicate’ TV Review: Kim Kardashian is shining bright this season!

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American Horror Story has been a long-standing staple in the world of horror television, captivating audiences with its dark and twisted tales since 2011. Now, in its 12th season, subtitled Delicate, AHS continues to defy expectations and deliver shocks, all while introducing a new face to the ensemble castKim Kardashian. In this review, let’s take a closer look in the world of American Horror Story: Delicate, exploring the plot, characters, and the impact of Kardashian’s performance.

Delicate takes a unique approach to the horror genre by offering a millennial twist on the classic Rosemary’s Baby. Set in the bustling streets of Manhattan, the season introduces viewers to Anna Victoria Alcott, portrayed by Emma Roberts, a Hollywood starlet grappling with fertility issues. This sets the stage for a suspenseful narrative that explores the darkest corners of pregnancy and the unknown.

The story unfolds as Anna and her husband, played by Matt Czuchry, navigate the challenging journey of starting a family. But as Anna undergoes fertility treatments, an unsettling series of events begins to unfold. Sharp pains, ominous prescriptions, and a mysterious stalker cast a chilling shadow over her life. While the plot may sound familiar to seasoned horror enthusiasts, it’s the execution and character dynamics that set Delicate apart.

One of the most significant highlights of AHS: Delicate is Kim Kardashian’s presence on screen. Known primarily for her reality TV stardom, Kardashian takes on the role of Siobhan, Anna’s publicist. Contrary to her critics’ expectations, Kardashian’s performance is lauded in this review. She embraces a Valley girl persona with clever one-liners, delivering humor and adding depth to the show’s otherwise grim atmosphere. While her acting skills may not be on par with seasoned veterans, Kardashian’s portrayal injects a refreshing dose of campiness, reminiscent of previous American Horror Story alums like Jessica Lange and Lady Gaga.

A Feminist Take on Horror

American Horror Story: Delicate has been promoted as a feminist interpretation of Rosemary’s Baby. While the season’s true feminist message is yet to fully unfold, the presence of strong female characters like Anna and Siobhan promises an exploration of women’s roles and experiences in the horror genre. This thematic underpinning adds an extra layer of intrigue to the show, making it a potential departure from traditional horror narratives.

While American Horror Story has received its fair share of praise over the years, it’s not immune to criticism. Some viewers and critics have expressed disappointment with the quality of recent seasons, citing a lack of innovation and fresh storytelling. Delicate has not been spared from these critiques, with some noting its similarities to other horror movies and uninspired performances from the main cast.

In summary, American Horror Story: Delicate brings a mix of excitement and skepticism to the table. While the series may have faced challenges in recent seasons, the addition of Kim Kardashian and the promise of a feminist take on Rosemary’s Baby offer compelling reasons to give AHS: Delicate a chance. Whether it’s the thrill of the unknown, the campy humor, or the exploration of feminist themes, Delicate has something to offer both die-hard American Horror Story fans and newcomers alike. So, don’t be too quick to dismiss it—sometimes, the unexpected surprises are the ones worth watching.



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