HBO Boss Casey Bloys Admits and Apologizes for Fake Twitter Accounts

casey bloys

HBO boss Casey Bloys admits and apologizes for using fake accounts to fire back at those who make negative comments about HBO shows.

During a presentation at HBO’s New York headquarters on Thursday morning, Bloys issued an apology. The event aimed to promote HBO and Max’s 2024 programming slate, which had been scheduled since October 16th.

“For those of you who know me, you know that I am a programming executive who is very, very passionate about the shows that we decide to do. And the people who do them and the people who work on them,” says Bloys. “I want the shows to be great. I want people to love them. I want you all to love them. It’s very important to me what you all think of the shows. So when you think of that mindset, and then think of 2020 and 2021, I’m home, working from home and spending an unhealthy amount of scrolling through Twitter. And I come up with a very, very dumb idea to vent my frustration.”

He continued, “But I do apologize to the people who were mentioned in the leaked texts. Obviously, nobody wants to be part of a story that they have nothing to do with. But also, as many of you know, I have progressed over the past couple of years to using DMs.”

Bloys’ comments comes a day following Rolling Stone article that outlined a lawsuit filed against him and HBO by former employee Sully Temori, alleging wrongful termination.

Temori’s lawsuit also includes mentions of McCaffrey, HBO’s Head of Drama Francesca Orsi, Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye, and two producers from now-canceled HBO TV series The Idol. Temori claims that he suffered mistreatment on the set of that series after he was moved from his executive assistant role to the position of scripted coordinator in 2021.



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