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HBO has a ton of great shows to choose from, and it’s not hard to find a good one. They’ve earned their place in prestige TV, and their streaming service has some of the most popular shows around, like Friends and Succession. So if you’re looking for a great show to watch on HBO Max, we’ve got you covered! We’ve also rounded up the best tv series on HBO Max, movies, and horror movies.

The series mentioned below had won hearts of lots of people and also created great fan following in a mean time. Viewers from around the world had shown interest in watching the HBO Max series.



Chernobyl is a dramatic drama series directed by Craig Mazarin, starring Jessie Buckley and Jared Harris. The series is based on the 1986 nuclear power plant explosion in Ukraine, and focuses on the aftermath of the disaster and the subsequent clean-up efforts. Chornobyl has been praised for its authenticity and humanity, and is an eye-opening exploration of a disaster that occurred not so long ago.



Telemarketers is an unexpectedly compelling true crime documentary that follows the journey of two unlikely individuals, Adambhala Lough (played by James Corden) and Sam Lemmens-Stern (Danny McBride). The three-part series follows Lough and Lemmens as they investigate the fraudulent practices of the telemarketers industry, which they have been tracking for two decades.

The story begins with Lough’s employment as a hairdresser, which eventually leads to Lemmens’ employment as an investigative journalist. As the series progresses, it reveals the wild and sinister underbelly of capitalism, culminating in a bizarre amalgamation of the McMillion and Tiger King brands, largely based on personal footage of the stars’ workplaces.

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake


Adventure Time, a spin-off of the popular animated series, brings an exciting and vibrant new series to the television screen, featuring a reimagined version of the show’s original characters. The ten-part series is hosted by Tom Kenny, who voices Fionna, and Roz Ryan, who voices Cake.

It is set in an alternate universe where Fionna is navigating her own personal journey, while also introducing viewers to beloved characters such as Marceline, the Vampire Queen, and Bubblegum.

Prodigal Son


The two-season limited series, directed and written by Chris Fedak, explores the complexities of criminal psychology and the relationship between a father and son. Tom Payne stars as Malcolm, a criminal psychologist who is working with police to investigate a series of murders that bear a strong resemblance to Malcolm’s incarcerated father, played by Michael Sheen.

The show is steeped in a captivating mystery and is further enhanced by stellar performances from both Payne and Sheen, as well as Lou Diamond Phillips, Bellamy Young, and other cast members.

The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty 


Based on the popular book, The Magician and the Lakers, Max Borenstein’s and Jim Hecht’s fictionalized account of the Los Angeles Lakers’ inaugural season in the early 1980s, “WINGING TIME: THE RISE OF THE LARKING DISTINCTION” provides an entertaining and historically accurate look at a pivotal moment in the history of the NBA. Written and directed by John C.

Reilly, the film stars Quincy Isaiah as the Lakers’ owner, Jerry Buss, and John Candy as Magic Johnson. While the film has been met with criticism for its inaccuracies, it serves as a testament to the power of imagination.

Project Greenlight: A New Generation

Project Greenlight: A New Generation

Issa Rae is the executive producer and director of Project Greenlight, a documentary series exploring the challenges and rewards of becoming a filmmaker. The series is a follow-up to the popular show, which is now centered around female directors. After garnering thousands of submissions from directors nationwide, the series rewards one director with the chance to direct their first feature film, documenting the highs, lows, obstacles and triumphs of the process.

The Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge

The Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge

The Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge presented by Ashley Graham (America’s Next Top Model) is an exhilarating four-part special event on HGTV. Eight teams of designers and carpenters, as well as a Food Network chef, will be tasked with transforming a beautiful Southern California home into a Dreamhouse inspired by the iconic Barbie doll.

Upon completion of the renovations, a Barbie superfan will be welcomed into the Dreamhouse, where they will have the chance to stay in the Dreamhouse for a unique and one-of-a-kind experience. Accompanying celebrity guests such as Fashion Designer Christian Siriano and Actress-Producer Marsai Martin will make the Challenge a dream come true.

Wrapping it up!

The HBO Max series has captivated the hearts of millions of viewers and established a loyal fan base in a short period of time. Interested viewers from all over the world have expressed their desire to watch the series. After the renovations have been completed, a Barbie fan will be invited to the Dreamhouse and will have the opportunity to stay in it for an exclusive and unique experience. Hosted by renowned fashion designers such as Christian Siriano, and actress-producers Marsai Martin, the Challenge is sure to become a reality.



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