Deadpool 3 Set Photos Confirm Connection To An Anticipated MCU Phase 6 Movie


Ongoing Deadpool 3 set photos are shedding light on surprising connections to a significant upcoming MCU installment. Recent Deadpool 3 set photos hint at the movie’s ties to the Fantastic Four and suggest intriguing plot possibilities. Deadpool 3’s storyline delves into the multiverse, bringing back Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and likely introducing Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool to the MCU. The cast includes Jennifer Garner’s Elektra, rumored Marvel cameos, and now, set photos suggest a prominent Marvel team’s involvement.

On Twitter, @CanWeGetToast shared a Deadpool 3 set photo revealing what seems to be the Fantastic Four’s Fantasticar. The vehicle closely resembles the original design, featuring a visible “4” on the front, implying the Fantastic Four’s role. Despite Marvel’s Fantastic Four debuting in 2025, a year after Deadpool 3, their appearance in the film seems unlikely.

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The same set photo suggesting the Fantasticar also hints at the return of Toad from the X-Men movies. While the actor may not be confirmed as Ray Park, the character’s resemblance to Park’s Toad from 2000’s X-Men, coupled with the movie’s multiversal theme, suggests a possible return of this minor villain.

A Major Deadpool 3 Theory Might Be Right


Another set photo shared by @CanWeGetToast potentially confirms a significant MCU theory for Deadpool 3. The image features a character in a uniform resembling the TVA from Disney+’s Loki, specifically the armor worn by the Minute Men, the TVA’s primary defense. Differences in color suggest an update to the Minute Men’s armor.

Furthermore, adding the TVA to Deadpool 3 could be a big deal. It fits with the idea that Deadpool gets in trouble with the TVA for messing with timelines in Deadpool 2’s extra scene. This might set the stage for a story with the Wolverine version and a journey into the Fox Marvel universe. The set pictures suggest these ideas might be true, stirring up new thoughts about what could happen in the MCU.



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