Nia DaCosta Teases X-MEN and Clarifies Rumors About Leaving The Marvels Post-Production

Nia DaCosta

Nia DaCosta, the talented director known for her work in horror and her impressive take on “Candyman,” has entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe with The Marvels. In a recent interview, she shared insights into her Marvel journey, her thoughts on an X-Men tease, and her dream X-Men project.

DaCosta’s entrance into the MCU was met with great excitement, but with it came the realization that she would be telling a chapter within a much larger story, one that required adherence to certain rules and constraints. She mentioned that one of her early ideas for “The Marvels” involved introducing Adam Warlock and time travel, a concept that could have added another layer of complexity to the MCU. However, the presence of these elements in other Marvel projects led to a different creative direction for her film.

“By the time I left to start prep on my next film, everyone was so clear about what the film was, what we wanted. It really wasn’t this dramatic sort of thing people are thinking it is.”

Intriguingly, the interview touched upon an X-Men tease spotted by eagle-eyed fans in the trailer for “The Marvels.” When the letters in “comes next” fade away, the “X” lingers on the screen a bit longer than the rest. DaCosta playfully acknowledged the cheekiness of this move by Marvel, sparking speculation and excitement among fans about the potential introduction of X-Men into the MCU.

When asked about her dream X-Men project, DaCosta expressed her love for Galactus, a cosmic entity often associated with the Fantastic Four but could certainly fit within the broader Marvel Universe. She also mentioned her fascination with the dynamic between Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Storm, particularly their struggles for leadership within the X-Men, as portrayed in the classic Chris Claremont comic run. A Scott and Storm team-up movie would be a fun addition to the X-Men canon.

The interview also addressed the discussion surrounding DaCosta’s decision to work on another film during post-production for “The Marvels.” Some have compared her situation to that of Steven Spielberg, who worked on “Schindler’s List” while “Jurassic Park” was in post-production, receiving praise for his dedication to both projects. DaCosta clarified that her decision was influenced by multiple release date changes for “The Marvels,” which extended her commitment from two years to three and a half. Despite this, she ensured that everyone involved in the project was clear about their goals and her vision, emphasizing that it was not as dramatic as some may believe.

Nia DaCosta’s Marvel journey is just beginning, and her unique perspective and creative ideas promise exciting developments for the MCU. While fans eagerly await “The Marvels,” they can also ponder the intriguing possibility of a Scott and Storm team-up movie, along with the potential inclusion of iconic X-Men characters in the ever-expanding Marvel Universe.



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