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Netflix’s hit show, Ginny and Georgia, is a mix of coming of age, mother-daughter, romantic intrigue, and crime. It follows Georgia, played by Brianne Howey, and her two teenage daughters, played by Antonia Gentry and Diesel La Torraca. Below we had listed the tv shows like Ginny and Georgia.

They move to a rural New England town to get a fresh start after Georgia’s ex-husband dies in a mysterious way. They start to settle down and build relationships, but Georgia’s past keeps coming back to haunt them.

Gilmore Girls


Ginny and Georgia was compared to Gilmore Girls before it even came out because it’s about a mom and her daughter in their 30s. Georgia even called her and her mom “the Gilmore girls, only with bigger boobs.” But Lorelai and Rory have a much closer bond.

They’re best friends who love coffee, talk about pop culture all the time, and get into all kinds of romantic situations. Stars Hollow isn’t a crime town, but it’s got some cool people and a bit of a quirky vibe.

Teenage Bounty Hunters


This short-lived drama follows two fraternal twins, Sterling and Blair, as they juggle high school hijinks and their day job as bounty hunters. It’s a great way to make some extra cash to pay for their dad’s truck to be fixed up after an accident.

They team up with veteran bounty hunter Bowser, played by Kadeem Harrison, to go after criminals, scammers, bail skippers, and vandals. It’s a mix of teen drama and crime capers.

Friday Night Lights


This short-lived drama follows two fraternal twins, Sterling and Blair Wesley, as they juggle high school hijinks in the daytime and pursue petty criminals in the evening as bounty hunters. This is a form of after-school activity, as it allows them to earn money to repair their father’s truck after an incident.

Under the guidance of bounty hunter Bowser Simmons, played by Kadeem Harrison, the twins pursue a variety of criminals, from con artists to bail skippers to vandals, while simultaneously attending dates and debating.

Good Girls


Good Girls provides an exploration of the dark side of suburban life, starring Christina Hendricks as Beth, Mae Whitman as Annie, and Retta as Ruby.

Beth and Annie are mothers who are struggling to make ends meet, and their solution is to rob a local grocery store for cash. While the robbery is successful, it uncovers a connection between the three of them and leads them on a journey of crime.

Never Have I Ever


Following the tragic death of Devi’s father, her mother, Nalini, and her younger sister, Maitreyi, have a strained relationship with each other. This is further complicated by Devi’s growing ambition to be independent, while Nalini’s stringent rules limit her ability to do so.

As with many teenage characters, Devi seeks to be content and secure a friend, particularly her admirer Paxton Hall Yoshida, played by Darren Barnet. She also seeks to defeat her academic rival, Ben, played by Jaren Lewison. Throughout this journey, she is aided by her friends, Eleanor and Fabiola, played by Ramona Young and Lee Rodriguez respectively.

Jane the Virgin


Jane the Virgin is a television series that offers a unique blend of mother-daughter relationships, criminal intrigue, outrageous comedy, and soap operas. The story follows Gina Rodriguez, a devout Latin American who abstains from sex until she is pregnant after an insemination accident.

The father of the baby is Rafael Solano, the hotel owner, and the situation is strained between Gina and her cop friend Michael. To cope with the situation, Gina turns to her mother, Xiomara, and grandmother, Alba, for support.

Dead to Me


The suburban criminal activities depicted in Dead to Me are more grisly than those of the characters portrayed in Ginny and Georgia, yet simultaneously humorous. The two female characters, played by Applegate and Cardellini, become friends after meeting in a grief group. However, Applegate’s character, Jen, is unaware that Cardellini’s character, Judy, was the driver of the car that caused her husband’s death.

As Jen attempts to uncover the truth behind the incident, she becomes increasingly close to Cardellini, even inviting her to live in the pool house. However, Cardellini’s guilt over the incident quickly becomes unbearable, and the two women’s lives are thrown into disarray.

Wrapping it up!

The story follows a group of individuals who relocate to a small New England town in order to begin a new life after the untimely death of Georgia’s former husband. As they begin to settle down and form meaningful connections such as Ginny and Georgia, Georgia’s past returns to haunt them. As Jen struggles to uncover the true circumstances of the incident, she grows closer to Cardellini and even offers to share the pool house with her.



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