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The 1989 drama film ‘Dead Poets Society’, directed by Peter Weir, starring Robin Williams, is set in the fictional world of Welton Academy in 1959. It follows a group of students, led by John Keating, a teacher who encourages them to deviate from the traditional educational system.

The film was nominated for an Academy Award for its Best Picture. For more information on the best Teacher Inspirational Student Movies, please refer to our list.

Freedom Writers 


The book’s content, like the film adaptation, is generally positive in terms of its interesting characters and moral messages. In this true story, young white instructor Erin Gruwell is idealistic yet strongly-willed. She encounters a challenging situation in her freshman class, which is composed of a diverse group of students, including Hispanics, black students, Asians, and a white student.

The students from the other race are unwilling to discuss Homer or even basic grammar, while the white student simply wants to leave. Gruwell is able to break the ice with a remark regarding racism after she has earned a place in the students’ minds.

Good Will Hunting 


Will Hunting is a movie about a young math genius by the name of Will. He’s working at MIT as a janitor, but he thinks he could be doing more. He solves a math problem, and one of the professors recognizes his talent.

His girlfriend Skylar, who’s struggling with her own demons, suggests he see a therapist named Sean Maguire. Sean, who’s also dealing with the loss of his wife, helps Will open up and confront his past trauma, and the two of them form a strong bond that helps Will turn his life around.

Stand and Deliver


Jaime Escalante is a math teacher who works in a hard-to-reach area of LA and is dedicated to making a difference. He puts a lot of pressure on his students to do well, and a lot of them come from tough backgrounds and don’t have a lot of faith in themselves.

But with Jaime’s help, they learn math and start believing in themselves, and eventually pass AP Calculus, even though they were told they couldn’t do it.

To Sir, With Love


This movie is about a young teacher in London who’s just out of college. He’s about to start his teaching career, but when he shows up for his first day, he quickly finds out it’s not gonna be a walk in the park. The kids are really bad at school and don’t want to learn.

They think he can’t teach them anything, but he’s not going to let them down. He tries to build relationships with the kids and show them how much he cares, and eventually they start to get interested.

The Breakfast Club


The classic tale of a group of adolescents who find themselves trapped in a detention center on a sultry Saturday morning. Despite their differences, they come from similar backgrounds and share a similar outlook on life.

Over the course of the day, they gradually come to understand and relate to one another, discovering that they have a greater bond than they initially thought and can be friends in spite of their differences.

The Class


This movie is set in France, and it follows a bunch of students at a school in a tough inner-city area. The teacher, Mr Begaudeau, tries to get to know them and help them succeed, but it’s not always easy. The kids come from tough backgrounds and are really angry and resentful.

They don’t think Mr Begaudeau understands their issues. But Mr Begaudeau doesn’t give up, and gradually, he gets them to see that they can succeed if they just put their minds to it.

Finding Forrester


If you’re looking for a movie to inspire you, then this is the one for you! Meet Jamal Wallace, a talented student who doesn’t think he has the skills to be a writer, until he meets William Forrester. With Forrester’s help, Jamal grows and develops into a great writer, and eventually wins a prestigious writing award.

This is a great example of how teachers can really make a difference in their students’ lives, even if it’s not always easy. Other movies like Stand and Deliver and To Sir, with Love are also great examples of this, as well as The Breakfast Club and The Class. So if you’re looking for inspiring movies, this is definitely worth watching!

Wrapping it up!

This movie was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture. If you want to know more about the best teacher inspiring student movies, check out our list. This movie is a perfect example of how a teacher can really impact their student’s life, even when it’s not easy. Stand and Deliver, To Sir, With Love, The Breakfast Club, and The Class are all great examples of inspiring movies.



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