Top 7 Best TV Series On Peacock To Watch In 2023


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Particularly in terms of TV shows, Peacock boasts a big and diverse content base. In its capacity as the NBCUniversal streaming service, it provides exclusive access to well-known NBC shows like “The Office,” as well as a staggering selection of original programs. A strong collection of the best TV series on Peacock.

We have you covered with a useful guide to point you in the direction of the best options if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the options or simply want to locate the cream of the crop. Check out our hand-picked selection of the best TV series presently streaming on Peacock, and begin your streaming experience with confidence.

You can also look at the collection of best psychological thrillers on Peacock, also we have covered the best romance shows on Peacock to watch in 2023.



America Ferrera, of “Ugly Betty” fame, served as the show’s initial leader, but “Superstore” gradually evolved into a genuine ensemble piece. Every character had their time in the limelight, which resulted in hilarity from beginning to end. Lauren Ash, who plays the no-nonsense Dina Fox and effortlessly delivers lines that can have you in fits of laughter with just a single sentence, emerges as a standout performance by the end of the season.

“Superstore” proves to be the ideal program to put on and unexpectedly find yourself binge-watching five seasons in one sitting thanks to its well-crafted characters and deft use of customer vignettes as scene transitions.

Twisted Metal


An action-packed post-apocalyptic comedy series with a stellar cast, “Twisted Metal” is based on the well-known and outrageous vehicle battle video game franchise of the same name. Anthony Mackie, who is well-known for his role in “Altered Carbon,” who plays John Doe, and Stephanie Beatriz, who is well-known for her role in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” who plays Quiet, are the main characters of the story.

Together, they make their way through the perilous wastelands while attempting to avoid hordes of marauders in armored and weapons vehicles. The show keeps the distinctive and hilarious tone of the games while modifying it to appeal to today’s audience preferences. The game series’ trademark edginess and violence are still present, but it also explores character development to give it depth for discerning viewers.

Based on a True Story


In the middle of the true-crime craze, which has audiences all over the world enthralled by podcasts, documentaries, and crime dramas, “Based on a True Story” adds a distinctive touch by bringing humor to the subjects of murder and monetization. The show, which stars Kaley Cuoco from “The Big Bang Theory” and Chris Messina from “Away We Go,” centers on a married couple’s attempt to overcome their financial difficulties by foraying into the true crime podcasting industry.

Their choice is motivated by worries that their new companion might be a murderer. The program offers a fascinating perspective on the preoccupation Americans have with making money out of sorrow and death. It deftly parodies the amateur sleuths who frequently get into trouble while navigating the tricky terrain of assault victims.



Pete Davidson, well-known for his work on “SNL,” assumes the lead role in this hilariously exaggerated take on his own life. In an effort to regain meaning and direction in his life, “Bupkis” returns Davidson to Staten Island, where he must once again live with his mother. As Davidson introduces a wide variety of prominent pals who eagerly immerse themselves in the bizarre world he has created, his comedic prowess emerges.

But Joe Pesci, who is well-known for playing Davidson’s grandfather in “My Cousin Vinny,” is one of the series’ most significant characters. The role played by Pesci adds depth and resonance by giving the wayward main character stark realities and serving as a source of grounded wisdom.

Mrs. Davis


The imposing protagonist in “Mrs. Davis,” an action-packed science fiction series created by Tara Hernandez and Damon Lindelof, known for “Watchmen,” is played by Betty Gilpin, who is well-known for her performance in “GLOW.” This television show expertly combines comedy, action, and drama components to create a compelling story.

The main character of “Mrs. Davis” is Sister Simone, played by Betty Gilpin. She is a pious nun who embarks on a journey motivated by her steadfast faith. She is accompanied on her global voyage by her ex-boyfriend Wiley, played by Jake McDorman, with the goal of obstructing Mrs. Davis, an all-knowing, all-powerful artificial intelligence entity.

The Ark


An exciting science fiction series called “The Ark” is about a group of people who are on a spaceship and trying to make a far-off planet habitable for humans. Dean Devlin, best known for his work on “Independence Day,” created the show, while Jonathan Glassner, best known for his work on “Stargate SG-1,” co-show runs it.

Although the plot may initially seem simple, “The Ark” quickly develops into much more than a space adventure, turning into a compelling interpersonal drama. Past the special effects, it’s worth concentrating on the cast, which has Ryan Adams, Christie Burke, Reece Ritchie from “The Outpost,” Richard Fleeshman from “The Sandman,” Stacey Read, and Ryan Adams.

La Brea


La Brea promises an exciting experience for fans of mystery and science fiction in the vein of well-known programs like “Lost” or “The 4400.” A large sinkhole appears near the well-known La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles, which separates a family because they are on opposite sides of the enormous chasm as the series progresses. Natalie Zea plays the mother, who is at the bottom with her son, and Eoin Macken plays the father, who is at the top with his daughter.

A prehistoric world teeming with ancient horrors hides beneath the surface of this mysterious sinkhole, ready to devour anyone caught within its depths. In a last-ditch effort to be with their children, both parents set out on separate treks, contending with obstacles like the meddling of the government, ominous predators, and harsh terrain.

Wrapping it up!

Peacock is a significant player in the streaming service market, utilizing its partnership with NBCUniversal to offer consumers access to a sizable and varied library of TV shows. One of its unique characteristics is the unrestricted access to popular NBC shows, with “The Office” serving as an excellent illustration. Fans can do this to rewatch their favorite programs and savor the nostalgia of old-school television.



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