7 Best Psychological Thrillers On Peacock To Watch In 2023


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In order to compile a comprehensive list of the most impressive psychological thrillers of all time, we have compiled a selection of entertaining feature films that successfully capture the essence of the genre. The main drama and motivation of psychological thrillers is often derived from the perspectives of their characters, who often confront complex issues such as paranoia, trauma, imagination, prejudice, addiction, and exploitation. Below we have amazing collection of best psychological thrillers on Peacock.

This list includes both contemporary and classic films, both domestically and internationally produced. All films featured on this list are highly recommended and some are among the most acclaimed films of all time.



When five strangers awaken to find themselves trapped, they are faced with the unthinkable. Desperately trying to find a way out, they don’t know how they ended up there. The bewildered group finds another room that has enough water to survive for 30 days, and a sharp surgical knife that quickly makes them realize what they are up against.

The reason for their predicament becomes clear. Whoever put them there is curious how long they will last before their hunger causes them to commit terrible crimes and cross a dangerous line.



When Jess boards a yacht with her friends, she senses something’s not quite right. But when the boat gets caught in a storm, she and her friends are forced to board an ocean liner, a ship she’s familiar with. The boat looks abandoned, the clock has stopped, and they’re not alone. Someone is hunting them down one by one, and Jess has the key to putting an end to the nightmare.



These are the statements made by the greatest director of all time, Alfred Hitchcock, and Vertigo is his final statement on what we now think of as toxic masculinity. In addition to being one of the greatest films of all time, Vertigo is also one of the worst.

James Stewart plays an atypical role as an ex-cop who struggles with his fear of heights as well as his urge to fall in love. When Vertigo first came out, it was both critically and financially unsuccessful. At the core of film schools curricula, Vertigo is one of Hitchcock’s most intimate works and a complex expression of manhood and possession.

American Psycho


It’s the late eighties. Patrick Bateman is a 27-year-old Wall Streeter traveling among a closed circle of the “beautiful,” that closed circle in which only they are able to let others like them in in a sense of superiority. Patrick has a structured morning routine to keep himself looking attractive and fit.

Like the others in his circle, he is vain, self-absorbed, egotistical and competitive, constantly trying to outdo everyone else in the way he presents himself. Unlike the others, Patrick knows that all of these masks are for him to hide what he really is: someone/something that is not human.



Get Out is Jordan Peele’s Oscar-winning comedy chiller, starring Daniel Kaluuya as a young man who is haunted by the specter of a white fiancée’s new family. It is one of the most successful studio-produced films of the century, as well as one of the most significant, in that it revealed the frightening new movements that are happening today.

The movie divided Academy voters early on, with many well-known former members declining to see it. The film went on to win four photo-essays and Best Original Screenplay at the 89th Academy Awards.

The Shining


Jack Torrance, a recovering alcoholic and aspiring author, is haunted by a persistent case of writer’s block and embarks on a journey with his wife Wendy and his talented son Danny to the remote Overlook Hotel in Colorado. After taking on the off-season job as a caretaker, Jack is given a grand tour of the cavernous facility by the manager.

During his stay, the chef, Mr. Hallorann (an aging actor), has a captivating conversation with Danny regarding a rare psychic phenomenon known as “The Shining”. Jack is careful to alert him to the abandoned rooms of the hotel, particularly Room 237, which is off-limits due to its location.



In the heart of the desert, surrounded by 33 million blast mines, Marine sniper Sergeant Mike Stevens goes on a mission to find and take out the leader of the terrorist cell. Three months and six days into the mission, one hesitation is all it takes to blow up the mission. Now, all alone in enemy-infested guerilla-infested territory with his left foot stuck in an active mine.

In the middle of nowhere, surrounded by 33 million blast mines, Marine sniper Sergeant Mike Stevens goes on a mission to find and take out the ringleader of a terrorist group. Three months and six days into the mission, one slip-up could ruin everything, and now he’s all alone in enemy-controlled territory with his left foot stuck in an active mine.

Wrapping it up!

To make it easier for you to decide which psychological thrillers are the best, we’ve put together a list of some of the funniest and most effective psychological thrillers ever made. Psychological thrillers such as American Psycho are usually told from the point of view of their characters who have to deal with a lot of complicated stuff like being scared, dealing with trauma, having an imagination, being prejudiced, being addicted, and being exploited. So, if you’re looking for some of the best psychological thrillers, you’ve come to the right place!



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