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Hidden Figures is an award-winning film that chronicles the lives and triumphs of three African-American women who worked as NASA mathematicians during the 1960s and 1970s, when the space race was heating up. The film follows the lives and struggles of these women as they struggle to make their way in a male-dominated and racially divided workforce. Below we have listed movies like Hidden Figures.

The main themes of the film are perseverance, persistence, and the ability of intellect to break down social barriers. It also emphasizes the importance of diversity and the role of individuals in making a difference.

Apollo 13 


Apollo 13 is an emotionally captivating film that chronicles the Apollo 13 mission and the attempts of NASA engineers to return the astronauts to Earth in a safe manner. Adapted from a true story, the film provides a dramatic depiction of the difficulties encountered by the astronauts, engineers, and families throughout the crisis.

The three astronauts on the mission are portrayed by Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon, with Bill Paxton playing the role of the flight director and Gary Sinise as the spacecraft systems engineer. The ensemble cast provides outstanding performances, creating an atmosphere of urgency and suspense that captivates the audience.

The Imitation Game


Benedict Cumberbatch stars in the biographical drama The Imitation Game, which chronicles the life, sexuality, and pioneering work of Alan Turing (Keira Knightley) in the field of computer science.

Cumberbatch plays a complex character, while the supporting cast delivers strong performances that add to the narrative’s emotional depth. The film follows Turing’s efforts to decipher the German code known as Enigma during the Second World War.

The Help


The Help (1965) is a drama about the lives of maids working for white households in the state of Mississippi during the civil rights movement of the 1960s. Viola Davis stars in the lead role, while Octavia Spencer and Emma Stone also play supporting roles. The film portrays the struggles of African American women in the struggle for civil rights, as well as the racism and inequalities that were prevalent at the time.

Just as Hidden Figures (1961) celebrates the individual’s ability to make a difference in the world, The Help (1965) celebrates the role of solidarity and networks of support in the struggle for social justice. The movie focuses on the maids’ courage and resilience as they fight for their civil rights in spite of the risks and obstacles they face.

A Beautiful Mind


A Beautiful Mind is an award-winning biographical drama that chronicles the life and struggles of John Nash, a Nobel laureate in game theory. The film stars Russell Crowe in the title role, with Jennifer Connelly playing Nash’s wife and Ed Harris playing his colleague.

The narrative follows Nash’s journey through the challenges he faced as a result of his mental illness, and is a moving reminder of the complexity of mental health issues and the need for compassion and support.

The Theory of Everything


The Theory of Everything stars Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking, who is simultaneously intelligent and vulnerable. Felicity Jones provides a powerful performance as his wife, Jane.

This film, like Hidden Figures, celebrates the accomplishments of human intellect and persistence in the pursuit of scientific knowledge. It also emphasizes the need for support and cooperation in order to overcome the difficulties faced by individuals.



Selma is a visually and emotionally captivating film, starring David Oyelowo in the lead role as King, with Carmen Ejogo and Tom Wilkinson, among others, providing strong supporting performances.

It serves as a powerful reminder of the struggles faced by those striving for civil rights during the 1960s, and is a testament to the power of individual initiative and collective organizing to bring about social change. It also serves as a reminder of the resilience, persistence, and solidarity that are necessary to overcome adversity.

Erin Brockovich


The award-winning biographical drama, Erin Brockovich, follows the true story of a single mother who, after discovering that a power company in California was polluting her small town’s water supply, became an unlikely environmental activist.

The film follows her struggle to gain justice for her community, as she is met with skepticism, opposition, and even physical threats. Julia Roberts portrays the tenacious, humorous, and compassionate Erin Brockovich in a powerful and emotionally charged performance that won her an Oscar.

Wrapping it up!

We have selected seven of them which have a same or you can say relateable backstory as of the Hidden Figures It also talks about how important diversity is and how people can make a difference. The movie follows Erin Brockovich as she struggles to get justice for her community even though she’s met with skepticism, resistance, and even death threats.



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