The Garfield Movie Trailer: Chris Pratt Stars as Monday-Hating Cat

garfield movie chris pratt

The Garfield Movie trailer unveils Chris Pratt as the iconic cat, highlighting the film’s emphasis on the dynamic between the grumpy cat and his owner, Jon Arbuckle.

In the upcoming movie, new characters join the universe created by comic artist Jim Davis, with Samuel L. Jackson (The Marvels) lending his voice to Vic, Garfield’s father. Both Pratt and Jackson have been refining their skills in voice acting, with Jackson taking on the role of another animated cat in Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank, and Pratt bringing to life Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Nicholas Hoult, Brett Goldstein, and Hannah Waddingham also star in the movie.

In The Garfield Movie trailer, Pratt’s affectionate chubby cat narrates the story of how he came to adopt his owner, Jon. Just before indulging in a tray of lasagna, he cautions the audience, “I apologize in advance. The eating you’re about to see will not be pretty. And if you have young children, this would be a good time for them to leave the room.”

Pratt’s rendition of Garfield marks the franchise’s latest venture onto the big screen. Bill Murray had earlier portrayed the titular character in Garfield: The Movie in 2004 and its sequel, Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties, in 2006. Despite receiving predominantly negative reviews from critics, the live-action and CGI-hybrid films achieved commercial success. The franchise has further expanded with direct-to-video releases such as Garfield Gets Real and Garfield’s Fun Fest, along with animated series like Garfield and Friends and The Garfield Show.

The Garfield Movie is set to release in theatres on Feb. 16, 2024. Check out the trailer below.



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