Marvel Finally Drops What If? Season 2 Trailer

What if season 2

Marvel Studios releases What If? Season 2 trailer, the final MCU TV show for 2023.

The second season of What If…? is set to debut on Friday, December 22, with a unique release schedule. Over the course of nine consecutive days, starting from the premiere date and extending to the end of 2023, a new episode will be released each day on Disney+.

In the trailer, we see new squads assembling, a festive Avengers Tower escapade, Hela teaming up with Wenwu, and a remix of familiar MCU moments. Thanos is throwing down with Captain America in Infinity War, and then he’s duking it out with Captain Carter. Strange Supreme is also back.

The official synopsis for the new season is:

“Season two of What If…? continues the journey as The Watcher guides viewers through the vast multiverse, introducing brand new and familiar faces throughout the MCU. The series questions, revisits and twists classic Marvel Cinematic moments with an incredible voice cast that includes a host of stars who reprise their iconic roles. Featuring fan-favorite characters this season like Nebula, Hela and Happy Hogan, episodes are directed by executive producer Bryan Andrews with executive producer AC Bradley as head writer.”

Check out the trailer below.



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