2024 Oscar Nominations Most Shocking Snubs

How dare they?!
2024 oscar nominations

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We are yelling at this year’s Oscar nominations, expressing shock about Greta Gerwig not being chosen for Barbie and a strong desire to give a big hug to Andrew Scott.

The nominees for the 96th Academy Awards were revealed on Tuesday morning. Despite the frustration of nomination morning, particularly when your favorites don’t make the cut, this year was filled with fantastic films. In other words, it was an outstanding year for movies. Choosing which ones to highlight for awards must’ve been a challenging task.

While we are happy that Oppenheimer took the lead with 13 nominations, with Poor Things and Killers of the Flower Moon followed closely with 11 and 10 nominations, respectively. But we are upset that deespite being the year of Barbenheimer at the box office, Barbie surprisingly lagged behind with eight nominations, and there was noticeable chatter as director Greta Gerwig and actress Margot Robbie were robbed.

Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie’s Barbie

America Ferrera‘s fans may rejoice at her nomination for Best Supporting Actress. However, the absence of Margot Robbie in the Best Actress category is likely to spark controversy. The competition in the acting categories was incredibly fierce this year, but it’s quite unusual to witness both Ferrera and Ryan Gosling, receiving supporting nominations while the main star of the film is left without recognition.

Oscar Nominations

Meanwhile, Greta Gerwig missed the opportunity to contend for the Best Director category, a decision that gives the impression that awards voters have not taken the movie seriously. Gerwig still has a chance in the Best Adapted Screenplay category alongside her husband and Barbie writing partner, Noah Baumbach.

Everyone’s Favorite Charles Melton Falls Short

May December fans argue that the film’s emotional core relies on Charles Melton’s portrayal of Joe, a traumatized man grappling with his marriage to his groomer, Gracie (Julianne Moore). However, unlike other awarding bodies such as the Golden Globes and New York Film Critics Circle, the Academy seemed less moved by the nuanced performance of the Riverdale alum. While there’s confidence that Melton will have more opportunities in the future, it’s hard to agree with the Academy that his work in May December was less deserving of recognition than the performances that did secure spots in the Best Supporting Actor category.

Oscar Nominations

Andrew Scott for Best Actor Was Robbeb

Every year, there’s a performance in a smaller film that a large group of people passionately supports, rooting, begging, and praying for it to receive the attention they believe it deserves. This time, it was Andrew Scott in All of Us Strangers. Scott had been gaining momentum throughout the awards season and consistently hovered on the edge of Oscar predictions. The fact that he missed out on a nomination is so heartbreaking that the only way to cope seems to be watching All of Us Strangers again and shedding a few tears.

Snub (Maybe?): Saltburn Lands Zero Nominations

It seems that something about Emerald Fennell’s Saltburn didn’t sit well with the Academy. Perhaps it was deemed too risqué, or maybe they found this light-hearted thriller a bit too whimsical. Regardless of the reason, it appears that not even Barry Keoghan’s intensity could secure a nomination.

Oscar Nominations

Past Lives Star Greta Lee is Overlooked

Past Lives revolves around the emotional, 24-year journey of American emigrant Nora/Na-Young. The film’s success, or more likely, its existence, heavily depends on having a convincing and captivating actor at its core. The fact that the Academy overlooked Greta Lee’s outstanding performance, arguably the best of the year, is a significant disappointment. While nominations for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay might offer some consolation, they won’t completely alleviate the sting of this unfortunate snub.

Ending Notes

Despite several disappointing snubs at 2024 Oscar nomination, there were also some surprises, including Mission Impossible, an almost forgotten movie, securing two nominations. In any case, anticipation is building for the Oscars, and we can’t wait to see who takes home the coveted golden trophies.



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