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It is often a testament to the quality of a film that its trailer does not divulge too much. This is the case with the trailer for All Of Us Strangers, which has a dreamlike quality that is sure to captivate viewers without revealing too much. The trailer has just the right amount of romance, intrigue, and ghosts to make viewers mark their calendars with anticipation for the release date.

The trailer for the film, which was first released in August of this year, was narrated by Andrew Scott, who portrays the character of Adam, a withdrawn individual. Paul Mescal plays the role of Adam’s romantic interest, while Jamie Bell and Claire Foy join the cast as Adam’s deceased parents. Despite the film’s lack of information about the plot, such as the trailer’s mysterious nature and its first-look images, this kind of secrecy can often create the most enjoyable viewing experience for viewers.

When Is ‘All of Us Strangers’ Coming Out?

The film “All of Us Strangers” was officially released in theaters for a limited period of time beginning on the 22nd of December 2023, following its premiere at the 50th annual Telluride Film Festival on August 31, 2022.

Where Can You Watch ‘All of Us Strangers’?

Searchlight Pictures is distributing the film to theaters, however, tickets are currently not available. Collider will provide more information on the locations where the film can be seen, as well as links to pre-sale tickets, in the near future.

After the theatrical window has closed, the film will be available for streaming on Hulu, which is also the platform used to stream other Searchlight Pictures titles, including “Theater Camp” and “Chevalier”.

Is There a Trailer for ‘All of Us Strangers’?

After a lengthy wait, a trailer was made available on September 21. The preview is dark and sinister as we get to know Andrew Scott’s Adam, who explains that his parents passed away when he was just a boy. A few moments later, we see Adam’s mother speaking with him in the present, alongside Jamie Bell’s father (who looks anything but dead). Throughout the trailer, we see Paul Mescal’s Harry beckon to Adam, and we’re able to see snippets of their relationship.

Who Stars in ‘All of Us Strangers’?

Although there are not many actors credited in the movie, it is expected that their performances will be the focus of the credits. The story revolves around the protagonist, Adam, who is portrayed by award-winning actor Andrew Scott. Scott has a wide range of credits, including the James Bond film, Spectre, Victor Frankenstein, and Denial. Paul Mescal is cast as the mysterious admirer of Adam’s mother and father, Harry.

Mescal is a well-known actor, having starred in Normal People and Aftersun. He will soon be appearing in the upcoming film Foe, which is set to be released later in the year. Claire Foy is best known for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II on The Crown, and her most recent role was in the acclaimed drama, Women Talking, directed by Sarah Polley. Bell is also an experienced actor, having appeared in a number of films, including Rocketman, the Fantastic Four, and King Kong.

What Is ‘All of Us Strangers’ About?

Adam (Scott) is a lonely individual living in an apartment in a tower block in London, when one night, he is awoken by a knock at his door. This is the start of a romantic relationship between the two of them. Meanwhile, Adam is consumed with thoughts of his past and visits his childhood home to visit his mother and father.

Upon arrival, he is surprised to find them in the same condition as the day of their death, when Adam was 12 years old. The film is thought to be based on the author of the same name (Taichi Yamada), though it is uncertain how much inspiration was given to the film by the author or Andrew Haigh, the screenwriter.

Who Is Directing ‘All of Us Strangers’?

Andrew Haigh is the director and writer of the upcoming film All Of Us Strangers. This is Haigh’s second time acting as a co-writer on a project, having previously served as a duel title director on Lean on Pete and 45 Years, as well as a co-director on the films Weekend and Living. The producers of the film, Graham Broadbent and Peter Zernin, are well-known for their work together, having shared producer credits on three-quarters of a dozen films.

Harvey, in particular, has a history of working with Broadbent, having worked on the latter’s previous films, such as Three-quarters of a Mind and Ticket To Paradise, as well as the latter’s more recent works, such as Love and the Other Half. The score for the film was composed by Emile LEVENIRE-OUSE-FROUCHROUCH, who was also responsible for the score for Nighy’s 2022 film Living.

Wrapping it up!

The All of Us Strangers trailer manages to remain mysterious and captivating, providing viewers with a tantalizing glimpse of a captivating and mysterious world without divulging too much. Its dreamy quality and references to romance, intrigue and supernatural elements are sure to tantalize viewers and excite them for the upcoming release of the film, directed by Andrew Haigh. The cast is comprised of Andrew Scott, Paul Mescal, Claire Foy and Jamie Bell, and the story centers around Adam, a solitary individual whose life is unexpectedly brightened when he finds a romantic companion. However, he is haunted by his past as he meets his parents in an unexpected and supernatural manner.



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