Only Murders Season 3: Has the Trio Figured Out Ben’s Killer?

omitb season 3 episode 9

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At the almost-end of Only Murders in the Building Season 3, we’ll finally get to the bottom of the mystery that’s been keeping us glued to the TV all season. We’ll find out who Ben Glenroy’s killer really is. But first, let’s recap OMITB season 3 episode 9 and take a look at some of the clues and people who might be connected to the case. Is this the end of the road for the trio?

The Suspects: Donna DeMeo vs. Cliff

At the core of this mysterious murder, two people come to the top of the list: Donna DeMeo and Cliff. Initially, Mabel, Oliver, and Charlotte focus on Donna because they think she set up cliff to kill him with a poison cookie. The idea is that to save the show, Donna needed to get rid of cliff, who got a bad review from Maxine.

However, there’s a twist. Cliff, Donna’s right-hand man, was seen trying to offer Ben a cookie. Did he have a motive to kill the wooden leading man? His unease at Ben’s unexpected appearance at the cast party surely was suspicious.

Clues and Contradictions

When we take a closer look at what’s going on, we start to see a pattern. Ben asked Cliff to make sure the reserved seats for the secret sewing circle didn’t fill up on opening night. But why weren’t Trixie and Marigold there? And why weren’t Emerald and Dot and Mei Mei? Could Cliff be trying to manipulate the situation to get Ben to the edge?

But we can’t ignore Donna’s part in this mystery. Bens reaction to the bad review, along with his wild reaction to the cookies, could have motivated her to take action. Did she poison Ben’s “weak spot” to make sure the show was successful?

Tobert: The Dark Horse

While Mabel and Charles are trying to figure out who killed Ben, Oliver, and the rest of the cast and crew from “Death Rattle,” there’s another interesting theory that suggests Tobert might be the killer. Tobert was in charge of making a movie about Ben’s death, but he’s still a mystery.

But where was Tobert at the time of Ben’s death? Where was he on that night? It’s a mystery. Maybe he was trying to get Ben’s last known footage and turn it into a documentary about a true crime. When Ben showed up, there was a fight and he probably fell down the elevator shaft.

The Tobert Theory

If we take a closer look at Tobert’s theory, we can see that he may have had some ulterior motives. He wanted to make a documentary that would make him famous and that’s why he killed Ben. Was he trying to get Ben killed for his documentary, so he could be the star of a true crime story?

Tobert staying out of sight and out of mind all season is a big red flag. He was really into the “f*cking pig” graffiti, and he was involved in the investigation. Did he tamper with evidence, leave clues behind to make his documentary more interesting?

Tobert’s Intriguing Behavior

Tobert doesn’t stop there. When he met with Mabel, he didn’t tell her what he was doing. He said he was looking for a microphone, but he was actually looking for Ben’s last known footage. He’s obsessed with making a documentary, and he manipulated Mabel’s board to make it look like Ben was murdered.

Why did he rush to Ben’s room before the show? Was he trying to see how Ben would react to the graffiti on the tape? As more pieces of the puzzle fall into place, his actions become more suspicious.

As we get closer to the end of Season 3, Ben’s murder is getting more and more complicated. With so many people with different stories and ideas, fans are still trying to figure out who killed Ben.

Was it because of Donna’s need to save the show, or was it because of Cliff’s mysterious motivations? Or was it because of Tobert’s obsession with documentary glory that drove him to do something impulsive? Or is it actually Loretta killed Ben?

Ending Notes

Mabel, Charles and Oliver may be getting closer to solving Ben Glenroy’s murder, but the heat of the investigation never seems to go down. With every new twist and turn, there’s a new theory that pops up, so it’s hard not to be excited for the end of the season.

As we wait for the big finale, the big question is, have the three of them really figured out who Ben’s killer is? We’ll have to wait and see in this show that’s so well-made and totally enthralling. We’ve all been playing detective alongside our favourite sleuths, and we can’t wait for the Season 3 finale. It’s gonna be a really exciting conclusion to a show that’s been keeping us guessing since the very first episode.

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