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bachelor in paradise cast

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Are you ready for some more romantic escapades in paradise? Get excited because Bachelor in Paradise is back for its ninth season, premiering on ABC this Thursday, September 28th. Our charming host Jesse Palmer and the ever-delightful bartender Wells Adams are returning to set the stage for yet another unforgettable journey. Bachelor in Paradise will once again serve as the backdrop for a star-studded cast, featuring some of your all-time favorites from previous seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Plus, we’ve got a promise from ABC for more surprises and appearances by former Bachelorettes such as Katie Thurston, Charity Lawson, and Hannah Brown later in the season. But for now, let’s dive right into meeting the first group of sun-kissed singles who are about to make this season sizzle!

Greer Blitzer

Last seen captivating hearts on The Bachelor season 27.

Brayden Bowers

You might remember Brayden from his time on The Bachelorette season 20.

Aaron Bryant

Also from The Bachelorette season 20, Aaron is making a return to the Bachelor universe.

Peter Cappio

Peter was a memorable contestant on The Bachelorette season 20 and is ready for another chance at love.

Jessica “Jess” Girod

She previously stole the spotlight on The Bachelor season 27 and is back for more romance.

Eliza Isichei

Eliza made appearances on The Bachelor season 26 and Bachelor in Paradise season 8, and she’s back to find love once again.

Katherine “Kat” Izzo

You might remember Kat from The Bachelor season 27, and she’s hoping to find her special someone in paradise.

Samantha “Sam” Jeffries

Sam was part of The Bachelor season 26 and is ready to embrace new opportunities on this tropical adventure.

Olivia Lewis

Olivia last graced our screens on The Bachelor season 27 and is now back for a chance at love in paradise.

Sean McLaughlin

Sean is returning from The Bachelorette season 20 and is hoping to create lasting connections on the island.

Blake Moynes

Known for his appearances on The Bachelorette seasons 16 and 17, Blake is ready to write a new chapter in his love story.

Mercedes Northup

Mercedes was a fan favorite from The Bachelor season 27 and is set to charm us all over again.

Rachel Recchia

With experience from The Bachelor season 26 and The Bachelorette season 19, Rachel is no stranger to the journey of love.

Kylee Russell

Kylee graced our screens during The Bachelor season 27, and she’s back to explore new possibilities in paradise.

Aaron Schwartzman

Returning from The Bachelorette season 20, Aaron is on a quest to find that special someone.

Will Urena

Having appeared on The Bachelorette season 18, Will is ready to make waves in paradise.

Brooklyn Willie

Brooklyn was last seen on The Bachelor season 27, and she’s here to add her charm to the mix.

Catherine “Cat” Wong

Another familiar face from The Bachelor season 27, Cat is looking for love in the most picturesque of settings.

Get ready to join these amazing singles on their journey to find love, laughter, and perhaps a little drama in the stunning backdrop of paradise. Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 promises to be a rollercoaster of emotions and surprises you won’t want to miss with the star-studded cast! So mark your calendars for September 28th, and let the tropical romance begin!


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