Who Killed Ben Glenroy? 6 Suspects In Only Murders In The Building Season 3

only murders in the building suspects

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Guess what, fellow sleuths? Only Murders in the Building is back, and Season 3 has brought us a fresh set of mysteries to unravel. With the shocking demise of Ben Glenroy (played by the charming Paul Rudd), our trio of amateur detectives—Charles (Steve Martin), Oliver (Martin Short), and Mabel (Selena Gomez)—have dusted off their podcasting gear to uncover the identity of the latest killer. The list of potential suspects in Only Murders in the Building is quite extensive, and the suspects are anything but ordinary.

In a recent twist in Episode 2 titled ‘The Beat Goes On,’ Mabel stumbles upon a clue that could lead us to the heart of the matter. It involves a custom handkerchief linked to Ben and the cast and crew of ‘Death Rattle.’ Since Ben’s stalker, Gregg, swiped his handkerchief, this missing item could potentially belong to the murderer, suggesting that the killer is somehow connected to the play.

1. Ty: A Rising Star with a Shady Reputation

Ty, one of Ben’s co-stars in ‘Death Rattle,’ initially incurred Ben’s ire when he asked to use Ben’s personal trainer. Ben apologized later, but the tension might have run deeper than we thought. Gregg, with his penchant for conspiracy theories, even suggested that Ty might be a schemer waiting for his moment in the spotlight. However, let’s not forget that Gregg once believed Charles was the killer, so his judgment should be taken with a grain of salt.

2. Kimber: Love Interest Turned Suspect?

Kimber, another co-star of Ben’s, appeared to be romantically involved with him both on and off the stage. In one episode, Ben apologizes for complicating their relationship, promising to make amends. However, as our intrepid detectives dig deeper, they discover a different story. It turns out that Kimber had asked Ben to endorse her skincare products, and when he backed out, she sold her handkerchief on eBay out of spite. So, it appears that Kimber may not be the killer after all.

3. Joy: Makeup Artist with a Mysterious Past

Joy, Charles’ girlfriend and a makeup artist on “Brazzos,” stirred suspicion when she claimed to have defended Charles against Ben Glenroy. Later, Kimber revealed that Joy was the makeup artist Ben called to cover up a red mark on his face on opening night. The plot thickened when Mabel and her team found a mean message on Ben’s dressing room mirror written in Joy’s lipstick. But in “Ah, Love!”, Joy denies writing anything on the mirror and is seemingly cleared of suspicion. However, her relationship with Charles may not survive the strain.

4. Dickie: The Protective Brother and Manager

Ben’s manager and brother, Dickie, was constantly at Ben’s side, enduring his demanding personality. When he cleans out Ben’s apartment after his tragic death, we witness Dickie’s emotional breakdown. But there are hints of a darker side to Dickie. In Episode 7, “CoBro,” we learn that Dickie was adopted and may have harbored resentment about Ben stealing his ideas. His refusal to reveal the identity of the person who called Ben on the fateful night raises questions about his involvement.

5. Tobert: The Suspicious Documentarian

Tobert, a documentarian hired by Ben to film his Broadway debut, raises eyebrows with his absence from the opening night party. Later, Tobert and Mabel discover unsettling details about Ben’s mysterious relationship with an unknown figure. In Episode 5, “Ah, Love!”, Tobert’s behavior becomes increasingly suspicious, as he appears to follow Mabel and interfere with the investigation. Could he be trying to undermine Mabel’s efforts for his own gain?

6. Loretta: The Actress with a Troubled Past

Meryl Streep’s Loretta seems to have had a tumultuous relationship with Ben, including a heated argument on opening night. She even wrote an unflattering message on Ben’s dressing room mirror. After Ben’s death, Dickie becomes her manager, and she starts dating Oliver, raising further suspicion. However, her motives may not align with those of a killer. Some fans speculate that she might be Dickie’s birth mother, keeping an eye on her son through Ben’s career.

Wrapping it up!

Only Murders in the Building Season 3 is a rollercoaster of suspense and intrigue, with a gallery of fascinating suspects. As our trio delves deeper into this tangled web of deception, we can’t help but wonder if the killer is hiding in plain sight or if there’s another twist waiting for us. Stay tuned to unravel the secrets of “Only Murders in the Building suspects” in this thrilling season!”



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