Snoop Dogg Is Not Quitting! Trading Smoke for a Smokeless Venture


Renowned rapper and entrepreneur Snoop Dogg recently set social media abuzz with an unexpected announcement about “giving up smoke.” Fans were left in suspense, speculating on whether the iconic rapper was bidding farewell to his long-standing association with cannabis. However, the mystery was unravelled as Snoop revealed his collaboration with Solo Stove, a smokeless fire pit brand.

In a black-and-white social media post, Snoop initially declared his decision to quit smoke, leaving followers puzzled. The rapper’s subsequent clarification came on Monday, announcing his partnership with Solo Stove, renowned for its innovative smoke-free fire pits. Snoop expressed his love for outdoor fires but acknowledged the inconvenience of smoke, praising Solo Stove for changing the game and enabling him to enjoy the warmth without the bothersome emissions.

The collaboration extends beyond a mere partnership, as Snoop Dogg assumes the role of the official “smokesman” for Solo Stove. A joint release is scheduled for Monday at 4:20 p.m. EDT, available exclusively on and

Snoop’s initial announcement garnered mixed reactions, with celebrities like Queen Latifah and Jhené Aiko expressing support, while others questioned the sincerity of his declaration. Notably, actor Lamorne Morris sought clarification on the ambiguous term “smoke,” and some even speculated if it was an elaborate April Fool’s Day prank.

In the wake of this revelation, Snoop Dogg shared additional posts without providing explicit details on his decision to quit smoking. The rapper’s enigmatic stance fueled curiosity, especially given that the announcement coincided with the launch of his “Best Buds Bags” with Martha Stewart. The limited edition crossbody bag, featuring secret stash pockets and a lighter collection, further fueled speculation on whether Snoop’s departure from smoke extended beyond the Solo Stove collaboration.

Snoop Dogg’s association with cannabis is well-documented, with businesses like Leafs by Snoop, a branded line of weed, and investments in the cannabis industry through Casa Verde. His foray into the cannabis market includes collaborations with TSUMo Snacks, resulting in the creation of Snazzle Os, cannabis-infused onion ring chips.

As the smoke clears around Snoop Dogg’s surprising announcement, fans eagerly await the unveiling of his collaboration with Solo Stove and the broader implications of his decision to step away from the smoke that has long been intertwined with his public persona.



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