Iman Vellani Sets Her Expectations for Ms. Marvel Season 2

ms marvel season 2

The Marvels star Iman Vellani, talks about at Kamala Khan’s role in the expanding MCU and expresses her enthusiasm for Ms. Marvel Season 2.

Vellani shines as one of the standout performers in the new MCU movie, returning to portray Kamala following her acclaimed role in the Disney+ series. Swept into a cosmic adventure alongside Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau, Kamala becomes a guiding force, reinforcing the heroes’ principles. Together, they face a menacing Kree scheme that poses a significant threat to the universe.

During an interview with CBR, Vellani expressed her desire for a Ms. Marvel Season 2 from Kevin Feige. She emphasized the importance of exploring the untold stories within Kamala’s family and relationships.

“I would love a Season 2 [of Ms. Marvel], for starters. [laughs] I think Kamala and her family have so much story left in them, and I want to explore those relationships more. I want to know what happens between Kamala and Bruno. I want to see what school she gets into with college. I want to see her be a person and live a life.”

Vellani also envisions Kamala leading her own team-up and envisions a seamless integration between TV shows and movies.

“I also want her to lead her own team-up. It’d be cool to find a way to jump between the TV show format and movies in a way where it doesn’t feel like every time you watch a movie, you have to do homework with 30 seasons of a show. I just want to explore more Kamala, and that’s half of the reason why I wanted to write this comic because I think this character has so much potential.”

Vellani also hints at Young Avengers saying, “There are so many avenues you can take this character because she’s still so young, and people still respond to her being the audience surrogate in a lot of ways.”

The Marvels is screening on theatres.



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