New Voices for Rick and Morty: Ian Cardoni and Harry Belden Step In

Voices for Rick and Morty

In the latest update on the Rick and Morty casting search, Ian Cardoni and Harry Belden have taken over the iconic roles of Rick and Morty, formerly voiced by Justin Roiland. This extensive casting search lasted six months and saw thousands of hopefuls auditioning for these beloved characters. Ultimately, Cardoni and Belden were chosen for their remarkable ability to capture Roiland’s essence while infusing their unique interpretations.

The much-anticipated debut of the new voice actors occurred in the Season 7 premiere of Rick and Morty, which aired on August 4, 2023. Fans’ reactions to the newcomers have been overwhelmingly positive, with many applauding their efforts to preserve the essence of the show.

Showrunner Scott Marder, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, emphasized that Cardoni and Belden were the perfect fit for the roles, describing them as “the best people for the job.” He also commended their exceptional work ethic, stating that they have infused a fresh wave of excitement into the series.

While it’s still early to predict the ultimate success of Cardoni and Belden in their roles, fans can rest assured that these two actors are fully dedicated to delivering top-notch performances.

Notably, Adult Swim previously announced a complete recasting of Rick, Morty, and all other characters originally voiced by Justin Roiland, following his departure from the show in 2023. This decision came after a tumultuous period marked by allegations of domestic violence against Roiland, which were subsequently dropped, and ongoing disputes between Roiland and his co-creators on both Rick and Morty and Solar Opposites.

Cardoni and Belden may be relatively new to the voice acting scene, but they bring valuable experience from other animated projects. Cardoni contributed to Solar Opposites, while Belden left his mark on Adventure Time.

The casting of Cardoni and Belden has sparked diverse reactions among fans. Some eagerly anticipate the fresh take these actors will bring to the beloved characters, while others express concerns about the show’s direction without Roiland’s involvement.

Only time will unveil the true impact of these new voices, but one thing remains certain: Rick and Morty continues to stand as one of the most popular and critically acclaimed animated series on television.



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