Rick and Morty Season 7 Review: Familiar Fun with Dash of Controversy

Rick and Morty Season 7 Review

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The long-anticipated Rick and Morty Season 7 has finally arrived, and fans can’t stop buzzing about the changes it brings to the beloved animated series. Renowned for its clever humor and bizarre interdimensional adventures, the show has certainly evolved in several ways this season. One of the most significant alterations that have sparked mixed feelings among viewers is the shakeup in the voice cast. Let’s take a deep dive into this latest season and see how it stacks up in this Rick and Morty Season 7 review.

New Voices, Familiar Faces

The most noticeable change in Season 7 is the absence of Justin Roiland, the original voice of both Rick and Morty. The new voice actors, whose identities remained a mystery for a long time have now been revealed and are commendable sound-alikes. However, the absence of a witty nod to this transition leaves fans wondering if the show missed an opportunity for clever self-awareness.

Rick and Morty Season 7 Review

The Rick and Morty universe is famous for its intricate storytelling and mind-bending concepts, often exploring different dimensions and realities. Despite this, the first two episodes of Season 7, “How Poopy Got His Poop Back” and “The Jerrick Trap,” don’t address the voice actor change, maintaining the status quo. The absence of a more profound response to this shift is somewhat disappointing.

Filling the Void

The initial episodes follow familiar characters on new adventures. In the first episode, we see Mr. Poopy Butthole in a dire situation, struggling with personal issues and requiring an intervention from Rick and the gang. The second episode is a Rick and Jerry-centric adventure, which, although endearing, feels somewhat like filler.

Navigating Controversy

The show’s creators had to navigate a difficult path, given the controversy surrounding Roiland, which included allegations of sexual misconduct. The SAG-AFTRA strike further complicated matters, leaving the Rick and Morty team with limited time to adapt to the voice actor change. Under these circumstances, Season 7 maintains an acceptable level of quality, but it’s essential to acknowledge that there was room for postponement.

Missed Opportunities

Season 7, despite its humor and solid execution, seems to play it safe and doesn’t venture into bold new territory. For a show celebrated for its inventive storytelling and self-deprecating meta humor, this reluctance to evolve might disappoint some fans.

One notable aspect of Season 7 is the decision to keep the new voice actors’ identities a secret until the episodes air. While Adult Swim has stated it’s to let the season speak for itself, a more cynical view might see it as a marketing ploy. Given the controversy, the show could have taken a more proactive stance, much like its exploration of female-centric narratives in previous seasons.

Ending Notes

As we reach the end of Rick and Morty Season 7 review, the show continues to offer fans a mix of humor, clever storytelling, and occasionally shocking content. However, the show is at a crossroads, with episode 1 feeling like filler and a reluctance to address the voice actor change head-on. The decision to keep the new voice actors’ identities under wraps adds a layer of mystery but could be seen as a missed opportunity for a more progressive approach.

Despite these critiques, Season 7 remains a watchable and entertaining addition to the series. It’s worth checking out for fans of the show, even though it may not reach the heights of previous seasons.



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