Emma Stone Applies for Jeopardy! Every Year: ‘That’s my dream’

Emma Stone

Emma Stone reveals she dreams of going on Jeopardy! and applies every June.

During the episode of Variety ‘s Awards Circuit podcast, the Golden Globe winner said that not only is the show her favourite, but it’s her life-long dream to be a contestant on it.

“You can only take it once a year with your email address. So every June I take the quiz and they don’t tell you how you did… guess what, I haven’t gotten on the show. I watch it every single night and I mark down how many answers I get right.”

Surprising everyone on the podcast, Stone revealed had never been officially selected as a contestant on the celebrity version of the quiz show either. Celebrity Jeopardy! is recognized for its use of easier questions and its focus on raising funds for charity rather than awarding cash prizes.

However, even if she was offered to participate in Celebrity Jeopardy!, Stone said it wasn’t enough for her. “I don’t want to go on Celebrity Jeopardy!” she said on the podcast. “I really want to earn my stripes. I would like to go on real Jeopardy!”

Currently in its 40th season, the quiz show is among the longest-running game shows on television. The hosting responsibilities were previously shared by Ken Jennings, one of the show’s most successful contestants, and former The Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik. However, Bialik recently announced on social media that she was asked to step down from hosting duties last month.



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