SNL Highlights: Emma Stone Hosts for the Fifth Time

SNL Highlights Emma Stone

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In the world of Saturday Night Live (SNL), where laughter reigns supreme and the stage is graced by the best in the business, Emma Stone recently etched her name into the show’s history books. Hosting for the fifth time on December 2, Stone became the newest and youngest member of the illustrious “Five-Timers Club.” Let’s delve into the highlights of this milestone episode, filled with humor, surprises, and a touch of SNL magic.

The Exclusive Five-Timers Club Induction

Stepping onto the iconic SNL stage at 30 Rock, Emma Stone radiated joy as she embarked on her fifth hosting gig, a feat achieved by a select few. The episode kicked off with special guest cameos from none other than Tina Fey and Candice Bergen, both esteemed members of the exclusive “Five-Timers Club.” As Stone donned the coveted velvet, purple, and black Five-Timers Club jacket, Fey and Bergen shared in the celebration, welcoming her to the club.

At 35 years old, Stone playfully claimed the title of the youngest member, with Fey humorously asserting herself as the second youngest at 53. The camaraderie was palpable as Bergen joked about the club’s amenities, including showers, a locker room, and a portrait with eyes cut out for Martin Short’s peeking pleasure. What started as a small quiet place to cry, according to Bergen, had evolved into a big luxurious place to cry. Stone, now part of SNL HERstory, embraced her place in the club’s rich tradition.

Surprises in the Pockets

The induction took a humorous turn as Stone explored the pockets of her Five-Timers Club jacket. Much to her surprise, she discovered a joint tucked away, leading to a quip from Candice Bergen suggesting it must be Woody Harrelson’s jacket. The laughter continued as Stone delved deeper into the pockets, revealing an unexpected item — a vaccine card. Tina Fey’s quick-witted response, “Oh, then it’s definitely not Woody’s,” added an extra layer of comedy to the moment, referencing Harrelson’s controversial SNL monologue from February.

Emma Stone’s SNL Journey

Emma Stone’s journey with SNL dates back over 13 years when she made her hosting debut. Since then, she has graced the SNL stage four more times, creating memorable moments with each appearance. Notably, Stone’s 2016 stint led to more than just laughs; it marked the beginning of her romance with comedy writer Dave McCary, whom she met during the episode.

As Stone reflected on her SNL history, the episode showcased snippets from her various hosting gigs, highlighting the actress’s comedic prowess and undeniable chemistry with the SNL cast. Stone’s engagement with the show goes beyond the sketches; it’s a testament to the enduring relationship between the actress and the SNL family.

The Five-Timers Club and its Noteworthy Members

While Emma Stone joined the ranks of the Five-Timers Club, she’s in the company of SNL legends. Steve Martin, a comedy icon, has hosted the show a whopping 16 times, setting a standard that may never be surpassed. Tom Hanks, Justin Timberlake, Ben Affleck, and Melissa McCarthy are among the other notable members who have graced the SNL stage five times.

The club is a testament to the enduring appeal and significance of SNL in the entertainment industry. It symbolizes a special bond between the show and the hosts who return time and again to contribute to its legacy.

Ending Notes

Emma Stone’s fifth hosting stint on SNL was not just a celebration of comedic talent; it was a moment of camaraderie, surprises, and laughter. As the newest member of the Five-Timers Club, Stone left an indelible mark on the show’s rich history. Her infectious energy and genuine appreciation for the SNL experience made this episode a standout in the 49th season.



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