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Young Sheldon Season 7

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As the return of Young Sheldon to CBS is on the horizon (premiere date yet to be determined), it could potentially mark the end of a journey. In a candid interview with TVLine back in March, executive producer Steve Holland hinted that the upcoming Season 7 of CBS’s highly-rated sitcom might be its final chapter.

We’ve certainly started discussing it,” Holland shared at the time. “We have a clear vision of what we want to achieve next season, but the direction might change depending on whether it’s the conclusion or merely another season.

The impending WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes in Hollywood also add an element of uncertainty to the show’s future. “These labor strikes certainly complicate things—how long we continue and how many episodes Season 7 will encompass,” he explained. “These questions are hard to answer; they are mere speculations. We have a plan for next season, but we’re prepared for the possibility that it might not be the end.

Regardless of how the story unfolds, here are our hopes and wishes as Young Sheldon moves towards what might be its grand finale.

Georgie and Mandy’s Wedding

In the inaugural season of Young Sheldon, George made a bet with his son, wagering $1,000 that Sheldon would get married before turning 25. In response, young Sheldon reminded us that “Georgie married his first wife at 19.” In the Season 6 finale, Mandy proposed to an 18-year-old Georgie. While we know Georgie’s marital journey includes divorces according to Big Bang lore, their wedding would be a fitting conclusion to Georgie’s prequel story.

Georgie Joining the Family Business

Four years after Georgie started working part-time at Herschel Sparks’ auto body shop, he discovered his love for tires. Later, Young Sheldon introduced Georgie’s prospective in-laws, who run a tire store of their own. Could McCallister Auto and Tire eventually evolve into Georgie’s first Dr. Tire shop? In the meantime, let’s watch Georgie as Jim’s apprentice.

A Glimpse of Paige’s Future

Paige’s journey hasn’t been without its struggles, from her parents’ divorce to the pressures of being a child prodigy. She eventually dropped out of school, and the fact that she’s never mentioned in Big Bang makes her current path all the more worrisome. Before Young Sheldon concludes, we need to know why Dr. Cooper never mentions Paige as an adult and that she turns out fine. A flash-forward revealing Paige’s whereabouts in the Big Bang Theory timeline would provide closure.

The Origin of Sheldon Knocking Three Times

A pivotal moment in Young Sheldon’s life seemed to be skipped when Spring Break ’93 came and went without Sheldon encountering George with another woman. On Big Bang, Sheldon explained that this experience is why he always knocks three times before entering a room. Season 7 should bring this moment to life.

The Death of George Sr.

If the prequel maintains its narrative pace, Sheldon will turn 14 during Season 7. This is the age when, based on the established Big Bang timeline, the future Nobel Prize winner moves from Medford, Texas, to Pasadena, Calif., to begin his graduate studies at CalTech University. During the same year, Georgie gets married for the first time (as mentioned earlier), and George Sr. passes away. Although it’s a difficult storyline, George’s death could provide a bittersweet sendoff, similar to the classic ’90s series, The Wonder Years.

Ending Notes

To ignore George’s infidelity or impending death date would be a disservice to long-time Big Bang fans. The only acceptable route would be if our narrator confesses to rewriting his family’s history as a way to cope with childhood trauma. Even then, it might feel like a bit of a cheat. Yet, this could pave the way for an enticing spinoff – “The Coopers.”



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