Netflix’s Bodies Ending Explained – Season 2 Possibilities in the Final Scene

Netflix’s ‘Bodies’ Ending Explained

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The science fiction genre has always had a special place for well-crafted time-traveling stories, and Netflix‘s latest thriller, Bodies, based on the DC Vertigo graphic novel by Si Spencer, is no exception. This series takes viewers on a time-bending adventure that spans from 1890 to 2053, all set against the backdrop of London.

The show boasts a talented cast, including Amaka Okafor, Shira Haas, Stephen Graham, Jacob-Fortune Lloyd, and Kyle Soller, whom you may recognize from Andor. The series kicks off with a mysterious discovery by Detective Sergeant Shahara Hasan (Okafor) when she stumbles upon a dead, naked man with a bullet wound to his left eye and a tattoo-like mark on his wrist. What follows is a mind-boggling journey that will keep you hooked for all eight thrilling episodes. So, before we dive into the ending, let’s set the stage and explore what Bodies is all about.

What is Netflix’s Bodies About?

Bodies unfolds across four distinct eras in London, spanning the period before and after World War II. DS Hasan initially investigates the enigmatic murder case in the year 2023. However, the story takes a time-hopping turn, delving back to the post-Jack the Ripper era in Whitechapel, 1890, with Detective Inspector Alfred Hillingshead (Soller) encountering the same mysterious body. DS Charles Whiteman (Lloyd) discovers the body in 1941 during the height of the Blitz, and in 2053, we meet DC Iris Maplewood (Haas) working on the same case. The seamless shifts between eras only add to the suspense, as we attempt to unravel the identity of the mysterious dead man and the reason behind his repeated appearances in the same alleyway.

Who is Elias Mannix/Sir Julian Harker?

To understand the ending of Bodies, it’s crucial to understand the figure at the heart of the story – Elias Mannix (Graham). Mannix is the head of the 2053 police force and assigns DC Maplewood the task of uncovering a potential terrorist group planning to detonate a nuclear bomb in London. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that Mannix is not just a man of his time but a time-traveling opportunist, known as Sir Julian Harker in 1890 and 1941.

He manipulates the past and future for his gain, attempting to create a better life for his younger self in 2023. The older Harker is, in fact, the older version of the teenage Elias Mannix, whom DS Hasan works hard to connect with throughout the series.

Netflix Bodies Ending Explained

Breaking Mannix’s Deadly Temporal Loop

When DS Hasan realizes that the key to breaking the time-traveling loop lies with the troubled teenage Elias Mannix, all four detectives and physicist Dr. Gabriel Dafoe (Tom Mothersdale) come together to thwart Mannix’s plan to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent Londoners.

Iris Maplewood chases Mannix, leading to a confrontation in the Throat portal. In an emotional climax, Mannix attempts to convince his younger self not to detonate the bomb, emphasizing the importance of self-love. The temporal loop is finally shattered, but it alters the current reality, leaving DS Hasan with no memory of the events.

Netflix Bodies Ending Explained

How Does the Final Scene Open Possibilities for Season 2?

The final scene of Bodies leaves us with intriguing possibilities for a second season. Shahara Hasan hops into an Uber, contemplating the city’s future. The driver, an astute observer, recognizes her concerns. The scene takes an unexpected turn when the passenger reveals her name, which she never shared, suggesting a connection to Iris Maplewood. It’s a clever twist that implies Iris’s presence in 2023, despite originating from 2053. This leaves the door wide open for more seasons of Bodies.

Ending Notes

In conclusion, Bodies is a thrilling series that splendidly weaves a time-bending narrative, making it a must-watch for fans of intricate storytelling and compelling characters. The ending paves the way for exciting future developments, keeping viewers eagerly anticipating the next chapter of this mind-bending journey through time and intrigue.



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