Bob Odenkirk Has High Hopes for Better Call Saul Emmy Win

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Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk believes that Emmy nomination is a major itself, but with this year’s Emmy ceremony being the show’s final chance, it’s difficult for the actor not to hope that 2023 will finally bring at least one triumph.

In an interview with Vulture, Odenkirk discussed the new nominations, which bring the Breaking Bad prequel’s total to 55. Odenkirk expresses his excitement at the show’s nomination, noting how much other outstanding content is available on television, but he emphasises how incredible it would be for the show to receive just one Emmy award.

“You’re going to think it’s bullsh*t, but people always say the nomination’s a win. I think more than ever, in the history of television, being nominated in a world where there’s this many fing shows is a massive win. You know, winning, of course, would be fine. I guess I’ll find out one day … maybe,” Odenkirk says.

He added, “But, really, it’s such a big fine deal. It was our final season. We know we left it on the field, everything we had, and I’m so proud. That last episode, the way these guys and women who wrote the show dug in and twisted these characters inside out was just masterful. This is an acknowledgment that you saw it and noticed it, and that’s — it’s everything.”

Odenkirk then later added, “Because we’ve never won, that too adds to a feeling of, maybe we can pull one down before we’re out of the way. It would be nice. If Rhea [Seehorn] wins or I win, or the show wins or writing wins, hopefully everybody will see that as a reflection of everybody’s work and a reward for the whole show. Obviously, Succession is a juggernaut. It will be everywhere… It would mean a lot to get even one.”

Odenkirk is nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. Better Call Saul is nominated for Outstanding Drama Series. Two episodes, Gordon Smith’s “Point and Shoot” and Peter Gould’s “Saul Gone,” are also up for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series.

The 75th Primetime Emmy Awards are slated for broadcast on Fox on September 18, although the ceremony may be postponed due to WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes.



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