Lee Jung-jae Opens Up About Playing Jedi Master in The Acolyte

the acolyte

Squid Game star Lee Jung-jae reveals that he was not aware he would be playing Jedi Master in the upcoming series, Star Wars: The Acolyte.

During the conversation with Dagobah Dispatch podcast, Jung-jae says being the part of the franchise was huge for him. “I didn’t know that I’d be playing a Jedi master. And this is a huge opportunity, which I’m still extremely grateful for. And to be playing in a film that I really enjoyed watching is still surreal for me. I can’t believe I’m playing a Jedi master and I get to use a lightsaber!”

He continued, “Back in the day, I thought it was just a cool film, full of surprises. Now as an older person, I realize the topics that they talk about are much deeper than what’s first perceived. And actually working on the project, I understand more of the themes and the topics that they talk about. And I really get to explore the emotions and express the themes and the topics very well.”

the acolyte

Lee says that he also had pressure to perform well, “On the first day on set, I felt really excited going in, but day by day, as we go deep into the shooting, I have this responsibility that I really, really, really want to do this well. And I focus and concentrate on how I can do this better. So it’s not just fun.”

The plot of The Acolyte revolves around a former Padawan reunited with a Jedi master as they attempt to solve crimes inspired by forces more sinister than they anticipated. The series will tell the story of the High Republic’s final days while simultaneously acting as a prelude to the Star Wars prequel plot.

The series will release in 2024 on Disney+.



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