Big Brother’s Luke Valentine Says Producers Made ‘Wrong Decision’ Removing Him


One week after being kicked out Big Brother Season 25, ex-houseguest Luke Valentine has spoken out about the “upsetting” disqualification.

On August 9th, Valentine was expelled from the game due to his use of a highly offensive racial slur during a conversation with Cory Wurtenberger, Hisam Goueli, and Jared Fields in the designated gathering area. “We were in the cheese room, [N-word]!” Valentine had said. His dismissal from the house occurred several hours afterward, as it contravened Big Brother‘s code of conduct. Subsequently, the remaining housemates were informed about it later.

In an Instagram Live video on Wednesday, he said, “I’m not upset at the production. Their hands were tied. They had to make a sacrifice, I understand why. It is upsetting. I think they made the wrong decision. I think a slap on the wrist would have been a much better thing.”

He continued, “It’s pretty clear that I had no ill intent. It was directed at Cory [who is white], and… it was about a week of malnutrition, a week of sleep deprivation. I was getting probably two-and-a-half hours of sleep on that cheese block. You don’t really take into account the psychological distress of being under studio lighting 24/7 and not knowing who your friends are, who your enemies are. What happened happened. Do I regret it? Obviously. But I feel like it happened for a reason.”

Luke Valentine also stated that he is unsure whether he would continue to have contact with any of the Season 25 houseguests, owing to the fact that “they kind of have to hate me” following the scandal.



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