Theatres Violate Killers of the Flower Moon Intermission Agreement

killers of the flower moon

Apple and Paramount has reached out to theaters who have added Killers of the Flower Moon intermission saying they violated their contract and telling them to show the film as intended.

In his 206-minute movie, Martin Scorsese did not include an interval. But that hasn’t stopped a few movie theatres across the world from putting one in, at intervals ranging from six to fifteen minutes.

Tickets for screenings with a built-in break were offered by two European cinema chains and one independent theatre in Amsterdam. A spokeswoman for UCI Cinemas, an exhibition chain having locations in Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Brazil, stated that, with the exception of Imax screens in Porta di Roma, Orio, and Campi Bisenzio, all of its almost 80 theatres had included a “six-minute interval towards the middle of the film.”

According to a source, the film’s distributor, Paramount, and producer, Apple Original Films have been calling theatres that have broken their contract by dividing apart the movie. They are instructing them to screen without Killers of the Flower Moon intermission, as planned.

The film’s editor and longstanding partner with Scorsese, Thelma Schoonmaker, told The Standard, “I understand that somebody’s running it with an intermission which is not right. That’s a violation so I have to find out about it.”



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