Disney Delays ‘Snow White’ Live-Action Remake Amid SAG-AFTRA Strike

snow white delays

The ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike is causing ripples throughout Hollywood, and Disney is the latest company to make major changes to its film release plans. The live-action adaptation of “Snow White,” starring Rachel Zegler, has been postponed by a full year, shifting from its original release date of March 22, 2024, to March 21, 2025. This delay comes as a result of the strike, which has put a strain on the entertainment industry.

“Snow White” was anticipated to be a highlight of Disney’s film lineup, given its status as the company’s very first full-length animated feature. The movie also features Gal Gadot as the Evil Queen, a character she found delightful to portray due to the fairy tale’s dramatic and animated nature. However, the strike has forced Disney to reconsider its release schedule.

The strike, which has now stretched over 100 days, has prompted Disney and other top Hollywood CEOs to face a critical decision point. They must soon decide which films to postpone if no resolution is reached with SAG-AFTRA. The looming deadline is approaching, with early November, possibly November 1, seen as a pivotal date.

Disney’s decision to delay “Snow White” is part of a broader trend in the industry. Studios like Warner Bros., Paramount, and Sony have also made significant schedule adjustments due to the strike, affecting production and release dates for numerous films.

The live-action “Snow White” remake boasts a star-studded cast, with Rachel Zegler in the lead role and Gal Gadot as the Evil Queen. Directed by Marc Webb, the film is set to expand upon the original story and music, with new songs written by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. It’s a part of Disney’s growing list of upcoming live-action projects, including “Moana,” “Hercules,” “Lilo & Stitch,” and “Bambi.”

As the strike continues to impact the entertainment industry, studios like Disney are reevaluating their plans, leading to shifts in release dates and production schedules. The fate of many eagerly awaited films remains uncertain in the face of these ongoing labor disputes.



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