Ridley Scott is Unimpressed By Top Gun Maverick

top gun maverick

Director Fede Álvarez reveals Ridley Scott was left rather unimpressed by the Tom Cruise sequel Top Gun Maverick.

Scott is typically harsh on sequels to his films, with him harshly slamming Denis Villeneuve’s critically acclaimed Blade Runner 2049. The filmmaker acknowledged during the recent DGA Latino Summit that he is also tough on sequels to his brother Tony Scott’s work, such as Top Gun Maverick. 

Alvarez said, “I asked him about the new ‘Top Gun’, and he’s like ‘meh.’ I’m like, ‘What are you talking about?’ And he was like, ‘My brother’s was original and this is like eh.’ He really respected it, but you could see how tough he was. So I was like, ‘There’s no way I win this one.'”

According to ‘Maverick’ producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who produced both Top Gun films, Ridley had sung a different tune last year. Bruckheimer remembers showing the picture to Ridley and receiving a positive reaction from him. 

“One of the most heartwarming things I experienced is when we showed the movie to Tony’s brother, Ridley. He was laudatory in his praise for the film, and the kind of care that Tom took to honour Tony throughout the movie. That was foremost in everybody’s mind.”



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