Matthew Vaughn Thinks Star Wars Franchise Should Have A Reboot

star wars franchise

X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn thinks Star Wars franchise should have a reboot after 46 years.

The Star Wars franchise began in 1977, leaving a lasting impact on popular culture. In 2014, Disney initiated a partial reboot by declassifying tie-in novels and comics as canon, labeling them “Legends” to provide more creative freedom for new content.

In a conversation with Josh Horowitz, Vaughn, shared that he would consider directing a Star Wars movie only if he could lead a reboot of the franchise. “For me, doing a Star Wars movie is to play with the characters that I loved,” he explains.

According to him, the franchise revolves around the Skywalker family, and he thinks Lucasfilm has made a mistake by attempting to expand the franchise in a different direction. “Bond, do you mind Bond? You ask me who’s gonna play the next Wolverine? Why are these characters so hallowed that, from ’77, you can’t redo it for a new audience?”

Hollywood’s inclination to reboot hasn’t consistently yielded the most innovative outcomes. Take the rebooted X-Men franchise, for instance, which quickly fell into familiar patterns with new versions of Professor X and Magneto. It seems that for Star Wars, expanding the universe is a wiser option than rebooting.



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