A Live-Action Remake of Tangled Reportedly in Works at Disney


A live-action remake of Tangled is reportedly in the works at Disney.

Disney has spent a lot of time and effort in recent years recreating and adapting its classic films. Now it appears that we’re in for yet another fairytale remake, but one with a twist. A decade after Tangled‘s premiere, the studio looks to be working on a live-action Rapunzel film.

It’s unclear whether this new rendition will follow in the footsteps of Disney’s original depiction of the long-haired princess’ narrative, or take a different way. The animated picture, which included the voices of Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi, and Donna Murphy and was released in 2010, was a big success, generating $593 million worldwide. The film’s enduring success prompted the production of a short film, a television feature, and an animated series for the Disney Channel.

Michael De Luca (Captain Phillips) and Kristin Burr (Christopher Robin) are being considered for production, while Zoe Kent (Lilo and Stitch remake) is being considered to executive produce. Jessica Virtue (Mulan remake) and Lucy Kitada are said to be in charge of the live-action Tangled.

Disney is yet to confirm.



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