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Solo Leveling anime can be a major hit, not just for this season or year, but possibly for the next few years if it keep up with John Wick vibe. The new action fantasy series is adapted from the hugely popular Korean comics by the late artist Dubu of Redice Studio. The source material is a well-loved web novel by Chugong.

In the first episode of “Ore dake Level Up na Ken,” the title used for the anime’s release in Japan by A-1, we get to enjoy the skillful voice work of Taito Ban as Jin-Woo Sung, Haruna Mikawa as Jin-Ah Sung, and Banjou Ginga as Gun-Hee Go, along with several other talented voice actors.

Solo Leveling‘s first episode is unexpectedly rich with a diverse array of characters, tropes, and settings, considering the narrative’s focus on individual characters. The straightforward explanation is that the series aims to establish its world from the outset instead of deferring it for later.

Solo Leveling

What Solo Leveling is About?

Solo Leveling follows the adventures of Sung Jin-woo, a young guy with a shockingly wild hairstyle who’s trying to make a living as a Hunter in the kind-of-near-future South Korea. A decade has passed since some folks worldwide got superhero upgrades, thanks to interdimensional rifts opening up and letting in these creepy monsters that laugh off regular weapons. Now, Hunters come in all flavors, from S-tier badasses to “Basically A Normal Person”-tier, and guess where our guy Jin-woo lands? Yep, at the bottom of the bottom. Armed with just a knife, he’s out there, risking life and hairstyle to support his sis while his mom’s getting some hospital TLC. And to keep his insides inside, he’s got these healers on speed dial. It’s survival mode, but with killer hair.

Imagine our modern world getting a magical makeover, complete with swords and spells, and yes, magic swords. It’s a wild ride through a realm where demons, undead, dragons, goblins, orcs, and giant spiders aren’t just things of fantasy—they’re part of the everyday scenery.

Solo Leveling

Why Makes Solo Leveling so Good?

The sheer delight in stories like Solo Leveling lies in the pure entertainment of watching a guy effortlessly crush his enemies while everyone around him can’t help but be in awe, going “Woah, that’s one cool guy.” Whether it’s because you’re living vicariously through him, you’re a fan of epic action scenes, or you just love those classic ‘underdog turns powerhouse’ tales, it’s the ultimate power fantasy. Solo Leveling has nailed that sweet spot. As long as I’m still going “Woah, cool” then we’re talking about a good story. It’s like playing a video game with an overpowered protagonist conquering dungeons left and right – executed with flair and competence. The anime is the epitome of the power fantasy done right.

If you’re a fan of action-packed anime and somehow Solo Leveling hasn’t made it to your must-watch list yet, it totally should. Catch it exclusively on Crunchyroll, dropping new episodes every Saturday.



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